ILuvShawnM's report/opinion about the DX workout

First I want to say I have never been around a ruder group of people in my life. I left my house at 7am and got into Boston around 8:30 or so. Then called a cab to take us to Faneuil Hall Marketplace and didn't get there until 9 something. But it wasn't at Faneuil Hall it was at City Hall Plaza which is very very close by. People there were the biggest bunch of JERKS I've ever seen. They tossed things: soda bottles, ice anything and everything they could get there hands on. Dok even talked about it on WEEI(3/27). (WEEI for those of you who do not know is a sports radio show here in MA. I'm not sure if it is broadcast other places.) There were tons of annoucments made about throwing stuff. But it didn't do any good. I'll get on to the show but trust me its not much better. The show was good but the people were just RUDE...not all of them but as the saying goes one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

We had a good place to stand until this mother who got there about an 1 hour before the show started stood her kids on the railing(that are along side the stairs) so those of us who had been waiting forever couldn't see very well. I have no idea what I got for pictures most will be of HHH because I couldn't really see Shawn that well and HHH was out there the whole time. So I did the best I could do considering everything.

First Dok and Michael Cole came out and told us when the WWF music starts up to scream, and basically just have a good time:) So far so good. Then later Dok was in the ring and someone tossed a cup full of ice and water at him. He said that really isn't cool. And stuff like that and told them to knock it off...he looked so ticked and I don't blame him one bit.

The first match was a light heavy weight match than a tag match...sorry I don't remember to much about the matches. But Taka won the light heavy weight match and The Headbangers won the tag match to keep the NWA titles.

Then DX showed up:) They were great Shawn and HHH were H-O-T: hot... as always:) Shawn started talking he was being real cute and funny. Like he his on RAW each week just being HBK. All of a sudden people tossed things at him and he got hit with something I'm not sure what it was(I found out today from someone who was near the front someone in the crowd threw a film canister containing two batteries that hit Shawn in the head. I thought originally it was a cup with ice but again I couldn't see due to the kid standing on the railing.) so he dropped the mic and left. People called him names and HHH said "You already lost your world champ so you better smarting up before you lose us all". HHH also made fun of all the Boston sports teams:) They had a guy there who was channeling various superstars. The guy channeled Owen and it was so funny and even Bret Hart...that had me laughing so hard. It really was a riot:)(I thought so anyway) Then they did the Undertaker...I didn't like this one as much because I like the Undertaker...but it was kinda cute. Then they did Steve Austin and I couldn't help but laugh. Then Steve came out and got beat up and put into the ropes. Shawn came back out which shocked me because I wouldn't have. Shawn and Tyson kissed Steve on his head...LOL. I couldn't see much because of the people on the railing and stuff:( Then DX went to the limo. Steve got up and the normal Seve talk. Shawn even mooned Steve and the crowd but I didn't see it. I saw the highlights on the they didn't show it. But they showed him taking off his belt and undoing his pants and pulling them down a little then turning around.

Steve even caused a fight to break out by tossing his shirt into the crowd right near wouldn't believe how many people were really punching each other to get the shirt. The cops had to break it up.

If I got any good/okay pictures they will be on the web site ASAP. But they won't be ready for me to pick up until Monday. I don't know what I got because I had to just hold my camera out most of the time because as I said before the people who pushed their way in and the kids standing on the railing and getting pushed around myself when Steve came out. So I hope some shots will come out. I'll have to wait and see.

I guess thats all. It was great to see them(when I could actually see) but I am embarassed by, and upset about what happend. It would have been much better for everyone if some of the people were more mature. But like I said I was happy to be there to support DX because most of the crowd was there for Steve. There was much more stuff then what I said but I could write pages and pages about it, but I won't because I'm sure you all get the picture.

I also want to say sorry to the WWF, esp Dok, Shawn and the rest of DX (even though I didn't see all of DX get hit with anything but they could have been hit. Just about everybody was treated very rudely with the exception of Steve Austin...who got alot of respect from the crowd.), the Ref(sorry I don't know his name but he had lots of stuff thrown at him before the show even started.)

I hate when people throw anything at any of the Wrestlers or the employees. I feel there is no reason for it. You're there to have a good time and they are there to put on a great show and entertain us, NOT to take any abuse from the fans. By abuse I don't mean don't boo them because hey that is part of the fun..cheering the ones you like and booing the ones you don't. But throwing things and hitting them is uncalled for. Thanks for reading sorry to go one about that but it something that as always bugged me...and that I needed to get of my chest.