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Ring Name: The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

Real Name: Michael Shawn Hickenbottom BUT he goes by Shawn Hickenbottom everyone calls him Shawn. His mother has called him Shawn not Michael since he was a small boy. (according to the WWF Magazine and one of his AOL chats.)

Nicknames: (Only good ones) Heartbreak Kid (HB, or HBK for short), The Icon, The Showstopper, The Headliner, The Main Event, Sexyboy.

Trained By: Jose Lothario

Finisher: Sweet Chin Music AKA The Super Kick (A Backwards Thrust Kick)

Birthday: July 22

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas (northeast side) {said on LiveWire}

Height: 6'1; on Live Wire Shawn said 6'2

Weight: 227 pounds; On Live Wire Shawn said 225 pounds. (This won't ever be right on the money.)

WWF Titles Held:

WWF Intercontinental Championship belt 3 times.

WWF Tag team Championship belt 3 times: 2 times with Big Daddy Cool Diesel(Kevin Nash), 1 time with Steve Austin.

WWF Championship belt 3 times.

European Champion.

Shawn is the ONLY man to hold every belt in the WWF. Way to go Shawn:)

Favorite Quote(s):

"Kickin' it with the Kliq",

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

"D-generation X rules the Wrestling World."

Some Other Things Shawn Likes: He likes Pizza and the San Antonio Spurs.

Fav. Sport Besides Wrestling Is: football (the Dallas cowboys)

Fav. Band: a tie between Garth Brooks and Greenday.

What Kind Of Music Does He Listen To: "Everything....Country, alternative, everything" {online interview that took place before WM 11}

Fav. Food: chicken and rice.

Fav. Fast Food: pizza.

Fav. Show: Thursday night line up on NBC

Left Or Right Handed: He's left-handed {At least he was drawing with his left hand on pictionary.}

A Few Awards He Has Won:

Best Entrance Award {Slammy Award}

Best Threads Award {Slammy}

Master Of Mat Mechanics Award {Slammy}

US West Match Of The Year {Slammy}

Leader Of The New WWF Generation {Slammy}

Best Match Of The Year (The Iron Man Match @ WM12) {Slammy}

Best Finishing Move (sweet chin music) {Slammy}

Boxers Or Briefs: Calvin Klein Boxers {1995 AOL chat}

Fav. Gum: Anything Sugarless {livewire}

3 Things He Would Want On A Deserted Island: Chicks, Chicks, & Chicks {can we talk}

Person He Would Most Like To Meet: Elvis Presley

Favorite Actress: Demi Moore

Favorite Actors: Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro

Favorite Cartoon Character: Droopy the Dog

Why Did He Become A Wrestler: "Lifelong dream." {Online interview before WM 11}

Toughest Match To Date: "ladder match wrestlemania X" {online interview before WM 11}

Toughest Wrestler He Has Faced So Far: "Razor Ramon without a doubt in the two ladder matches thus far, will go down as the 2 proudest moments in my life. But definitely the hardest day at the office I have ever had." {1995 AOL chat}

Has He Gotten Movie Offers, And Is He Intrested In Movies: "Yes. Yes." {online interview before WM 11}

Who Does He Consider His "Idol" From The Wrestling World: "Probably Tully Blanchard...he was the first guy I saw, in San Antonio." {Online Interview before Wm 11}

Wrestling Fact: He wrestled as an amateur for a year while he was in high school. {1996 AOL chat}

What Wrestlers Did He Admire Growing Up: "Growing up in Texas, I grew up with Tully Blanchard and Wahoo McDaniels, and with the birth of cable I was a big fan of Rick Flair and believe it or not, Back(I'm sure you all knew he meant Bob) Backlund." {1996 AOL chat}

Favorite Wrestlers Besides Himself: "I would have to say Diesel, Razor and HHH, 1-2-3 Kid and that's it." {1996 AOL chat}

After He Is Through Wrestling Does He Foresee Himself Still In The Business: "Yes. I will probably go behind the microphone and hopefully do some creative work behind the scenes and lately have been contacted by people in LA for various types of work." {1995 AOL chat}

What's More Important, IC Or Tag Gold: "That's a tough one...I guess in a singles contest the IC belt. That's a really good question. I guess if I had to let one go, it would be the Tag Team." {1995 AOL Chat after an IYH}

If Shawn Was The President Or Owner Of The WWF What Would He Change: "Nothing. Everything the WWF is doing, seems to be working. The numbers don't lie." {1996 AOL chat}

Wrestlers Shawn Would Like To Wrestle And Hasn't Yet: "I think there are some Japanese wrestlers whose names are unfamiliar to me right now, that I have heard a lot about...I think that would be interesting." {1996 AOL chat}

Major Injuries: "I have had orthoscopic knee surgery, herneated a disc, separated a shoulder, broken a hand, enhanced a concussion and had hundreds and hundreds of cuts and bruises....besides that no :)" {1996 AOL chat}

Tv Shows Shawn Has Appeard On (I only have ones that I've seen or that I have clips of): Family Feud, Pictionary, Jenny Jones, Baywatch, Live With Regis and Kathy Lee, Entertainment Tonight, You 2 You On The Road(with Diesel AKA Kevin Nash), Up All Night, NewSport Talk, Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Non-Wrestling Magazines Shawn has appeared in (again I only have lisited what I have): Playgirl

Fact: Shawn won Male Celebrity of the Week For the week of 6/16/98.

Coke Or Pepsi: "Neither one! I'd have to say diet coke"

Biggest Thrill in Life: "Achieving my goal of becoming a federation superstar. I've always been the sexiest man alive."

Hobbies: "Chicks, hanging out on my boat and lying in the sun with chicks."

Favorite Athlete: Troy Aikman & Emmitt Smith

Favorite Movie: The Godfather & St. Elmos Fire

Favorite Video Game: Raw Is War

Secret Talent: "There are so many. Well, I'm a decent-no great-cook. Im also a great dancer."

Best Advice Ever Recieved: "Sometimes perception becomes reality."

If I Could Have Done It Differently: "I would have been the worlds greatest Hollywood actor."

Is Shawn Ticklish: No (from the Sept/Oct 1996 Raw magazine)

Who Designs Shawn's Outfits: "There's a young lady in Chicago, whose name is Julie Youngberg. She and her sisters make all of my costumes, but I do have to admit that the heart on the front was my was the heart on the back. I just thought it would be funny." - Playgirl Magazine.

Weakness: A huge piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing, smothered with French vanilla ice cream.

Fact: Shawn insists his hair always be a certain color and he admits to coloring or tinting his hair from time to time to keep that light ash blond look. When he goes to the Salon it can take over 2 hours because of the length and quantity just to have it colored properly. When Shawn is in Vegas, San Antonio, Phoenix, or Los Angeles, where 4 of his favorite salons are located Shawn makes appointments to have his hair done. You wonder what it costs? sometimes more than $200. {my note: I don't care that Shawn tints/colors his hair to keep that perfect look because it pays off! Shawn does look GREAT!}

Fact: Shawn owns a spacious home on the outskirts of San Antonio but unfortunately for him due to his schedule he doesn't spend much time there. {my note: hopefully Shawn's schedule isn't has hectic has it was before}

Hobbies: Shawn says " He loves the outdoors. He loves the sun, swimming, beaches, camping, anything recreational in a warm sunny environment. And therefore tend to enjoy spending any free time, which is very limited, in sunbelt areas like Florida, California, and Arizona."

Fact: Shawn was in a Miami, Fl newspaper because he was interviewed by the sports editor.

Pets: A Black Dog named Droopy, and 2 puppies named Marge and Homer (thanks Kim for letting me know about the puppies and their names)

Career Highlight: First and Only Grand Slam Winner

Current Status: Shawn is the Commissioner of the WWF.

Marital Status: Married...sorry girls it's true. To former nitro girl whisper.

Favorite Color(s): Red and Black (Thank you Kim...hope you're right. LOL!)

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Awards Shawn has won (or came in as 1 of the 3 runners up):


- Winner of the 1993 Match Of The Year (Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty)
- 2cd Runner Up for the 1993 Wrestler Of The Year
- 3rd Runner Up For the 1993 Most Hated Wrestler Of The Year


- Winner of the 1995 Most Popular Wrestler Of The Year
- Winner of the 1995 Match Of The Year (Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel)
- 1st Runner Up for the 1995 Wrestler Of The Year


- Winner of the 1996 Most Popular Wrestler Of The Year
- Winner of the 1996 Match Of The Year (Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart)
- 1st Runner Up for the 1996 Match Of The Year (Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind)
- 1st Runner Up for the 1996 Match Of The Year (Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett)
- 1st Runner Up for the 1996 Wrestler Of The Year


- 2cd Runner Up for the 1997 Match Of The Year (Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker)