On this page I will put up some of my memories of Shawn. It maybe interviews he has done or a play by play of a match he was in. If you have a favorite memory let me know.

Shawn Vs. Crush at King Of The Ring

By: ILuvShawnM@aol.com

Back round information: Shawn just one week before King Of The Ring won back the Intercontinental championship in Albany NY. vs. Marty Jannetty. So this match was a title shot for Crush. Shawn was with his new bodyguard Diesel.

The bell sounds and the match was under way. Crush gets Shawn in a head lock but Shawn forces Crush to the ropes. Crush shoulder blocks Shawn and Shawn falls to the outside. Shawn climbs back in the ring and once again Crush gets Shawn in a head lock again. Shawn punches Crush in the side twice and once again forces him to the ropes. Crush leapfrogs then Shawn leapfrogs. Crush goes for a clothesline and misses Shawn punches Crush in the face and gets Crush in a standing arm bar. Crush gets Shawn to the ropes and Shawn tries to get Crush down with a shoulder block but it fails. Crush leapfrogs the Shawn leapfrogs. Shawn goes for the superkick but he misses. Crush dropkicks Shawn then dropkicks him again to the outside. Shawn gets back in the ring after getting himself together then grabs Crush's leg from under him. Crush kicks Shawn in the face then grabs Shawn leg from under him. Shawn got up then crush grabbed his leg again. Crush gets Shawn in an arm drag take down. Then Crush lifts Shawn over his head and military presses him then slams him to the mat. Crush grabs Shawn and forces him to the ropes and catches him and spins him them drops him over his knee to the mat. Diesel pulls Shawn to the outside and stands in front of him. Crush goes after Shawn but Diesel is in the way. Shawn gets back in the ring and Crush is distracted by Diesel then Shawn climbs to the top rope and hits Crush in the back of the head. Shawn rolls back in the ring. Shawn distracts the ref and Diesel smacks Crush's head into the ring post. The ref then goes to warn Diesel but Shawn goes to the outside and cracks the back of Crush's head into the ring post 5 times. Then Shawn gets back in ring and the ref begins to count. Shawn breaks the count by going outside and picking Crush up and rolling him into the ring. Shawn covers Crush but he only gets 2 and 3/4. Shawn steps on the side of Crush's face then begins to kick him in the head several times. Shawn goes to the top rope and Crush gets a double ax hammer to the back. Shawn punches Crush in the head then he kicks him in the head. Shawn rolls Crush over to pin him but he only gets a 2 and 3/4 count again. Shawn hits Crush in the head twice then gets him in a front face lock. Crush gets up and slams Shawn face first into the mat. Shawn puts the front face lock on him again but Crush throws Shawn to the other side of the ring. Shawn gets up and goes for the face lock once more BUT Crush picks Shawn up and slams him across the ropes. Shawn hits his neck on the rope then he falls to the outside. Shawn gets himself together and goes for the top rope but Crush steps aside and pushes him to the mat face first. Crush punches Shawn in the stomach and punches him in the head then sends him to the other side of the ring. The Crush back body drops Shawn. Shawn gets up and he gets iron whipped to the other turnbuckle. Then Crush gets Shawn in a back breaker then he goes for the cover but only gets only gets 2 and 1/2. Crush whips Shawn to the ropes then he kicks him in the jaw. Crush leg drops Shawn and goes for the cover but only gets a 2 and 1/2 count. Crush clothesline's Shawn to the outside. Two Doinks come down to ringside and distract Crush. Crush then gets superkicked in the back of the head by Shawn and Shawn covers Crush for the three count.

Shawn Diesel and Tatanka vs. Smoking Gunns and Lex Luger

By: ILuvShawnM@aol.com

Tatanka came to the ring by himself then Diesel's music started up and Shawn followed by Diesel walked to the ring holding the tag team belts. Then the Smoking Gunns and Lex made their way to the ring. Shawn and Lex started the battle for their teams. Shawn got Lex in a side head lock but Lex tossed Shawn to the ropes and lifted him up over his head but before Lex could do anything Shawn got to his feet. Shawn pushed Lex to the ropes and tried to bring him down but Lex held on to the ropes and clothes-lined Shawn. Lex then lifted Shawn above his head and slammed him into Diesel who was tring to get in the ring. Shawn then rolled outside the ring and the Smoking Gunns dropkicked Diesel and he fell to the outside also. Shawn got back in the ring and taunted the Gunns and Lex but then he backed off. Shawn got back in the ring once the Gunns got out then Shawn taged Diesel and Lex taged Bart. Diesel drove his knee into Bart then elbowed him several times. Then Diesel punched him in the face. Diesel had Bart by the hair then he taged Tatanka. Diesel lifted Barts arm so Tatanka could have a wide open shot. Tatanka chopped Bart several times in the head and face. Tatanka chopped Bart in the chest and set him up for the ride but he missed with the chop and Bart high cross bodied Tatanka and went for the cover but he only got a 2 count. Bart hip locked Tatanka twice then he followed up with a dropkick. Bart set Tatanka up for the ride and caught him then Billy came down from the top rope and dropped his leg across Tatanka's neck. Billy taged in Lex and Tatanka quickly taged Shawn. Lex got Shawn in a arm bar and taged in Bart. Bart went to the top trope and did a double ax hammer on Shawn's arm. Bart then twisted Shawn's arm. Shawn pulled Bart's hair and pulled him to the corner of the ring. Shawn punched Bart in the face 3 times then whiped him to the opposite turnbuckle. Shawn tried to run into Bart but Bart moved out of the way. Bart got Shawn in a arm drag but Shawn sat up and whipped him to the ropes. Bart leap froged over Shawn and Diesel pulled down the rope and Bart fell to the outside. Diesel picked up Bart and elbowed him across the back of the head. Diesel got back on the apron and Tatanka jumped down. Tatanka punched Bart in the ribs then Tatanka tossed Bart back in the ring. Shawn picked Bart up by the hair and pushed him to his corner and Diesel and Tatanka started to beat Bart up while Shawn distracted the ref by causing Billy to enter the ring. Diesel and Tatanka held Bart up while Shawn punched him several times in the stomach. Diesel and Tatanka let go of Bart and he fell to the mat. Diesel stepped over the top rope and Shawn left the ring. Diesel put his foot across Bart's neck and the ref started to count so Diesel backed off. While the ref warned Diesel Shawn jumped of the canvas and chocked Bart. Diesel catapolted Bart across the bottom rope and taged Tatanka. Tatanka put the boots to Bart then he bodyslammed him. Tatanka dproped an elbow across Bart's chest then chopped him many times and drove him to the corner and taged Shawn. Shawn hit Bart in the ribs and took him down in a reverse chin lock. Bart fought his way up and elbowed Shawn until he let go. Bart slammed Shawn's face into the canvas and Bart tried to make the tag. Shawn pushed Bart into the tag and Billy came in and punched Shawn in the face 3 times and set him up in the back body drop. Billy punched Diesel and Tatanka knocking them off the apron. Billy then went back to Shawn and elbowed him in the face. Billy went to the top rop and set Shawn up in the bulldog and Billy covered Shawn but only got a 2 count and Diesel came in and kicked Billy on the back of the head. Bart cam in and started to punch Diesel. Then all three men went at it all at once. Tatanka rolled to the outside and Lex followed him. Billy and Bart had Shawn and Diesel set up in opposite corners and were punching them in the fac. Tatanka got back in the ring and nailed Bart causing Bart to fall to the outside tthe ring and then Lex attacked Tatanka again. Shawn pushed Billy off him and Shawn's arms got caught in the ropes. Then Billy punched Shawn many times in the face. Then Diesel got a hold of Billy and set him up for the Jackknife. The ref got Shawn's arm loose while Lex and Tatanka pounded each other outside the ring. Shawn covered Billy and the ref counted to 3 and Shawn Diesel and Tatanka won the match.