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click here to e-mail me about my Shawn Michaels site.Please don't address any mail to Shawn because I'm not Shawn and I don't know him. I'm just a female fan.

You're Shawn Michaels fan #

"Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel"

Hello everybody...if you're a fan of The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels then this is the place for you...however, if you're not you won't like this site. Thanks for visiting:-)

I think I need to clear a few things up. I'm not Shawn, I don't know Shawn personally, I've only met Shawn once for a few mins. I'm just a female fan who wanted to make a website for her favorite wrestler. The reason I put this here is because my excite mail box has been filled with messages thinking I'm Shawn or asking me to pass something on to Shawn.

Before moving to Tripod my site was on AOL for a long time. Before I was on AOL's web site I use to run a newsletter about Shawn that included parts of the bio I have been writing. I decided to quit doing the newsletter and move everything to the web because I could do more on the web than I could with e-mail.

My e-mail address is on this page after the links so feel free to e-mail me and I'll try to get back to you ASAP. If you e-mail me please put "your Shawn website" in the subject or something like that so I know to read it. I have been getting a lot of junk mail and this way I'll know not to delete your mail. Thank You. One more thing Have FUN!!!!!!

*Thanks to my brother for designing the picture on this page.* It's not a banner so if you link to my page please just continue to use a word link or go to the carry my banner section to pick one out. Thank you.

3/25/01 I added a new message board to this site since many of you asked for one. Take Care! Ginger

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This page is dedicated to Shawn Michaels. Thanks for all the great memories...and I'm sure there will be many more. And of course my brother helps me out with some of the graphics on this main page. And last but not least all of Shawn's loyal fans who stick by him through thick and thin...Shawn really does have some of the nicest fans in the world:) Thank you all for visting my page and taking the time to send me feed back.