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Shawn Michaels bio part 1

This is a bio that I have been updating after Shawn's matches. The stuff about his life I read about in a interview he gave for the WWF magazine but I change the words around. Enjoy. TO BE UPDATED.

Shawn's life

Shawn was the youngest of four children. He has two older brothers and an older sister. He was born outside of Phoenix, Arizona in Scottsdale at Williams Air Force Base. Two Months after Shawn was born his family moved to England. When Shawn's father went to Vietnam they moved back to his mother's hometown of Storm Lake, Iowa. When Shawn's father returned from Vietnam he was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington and Shawn's family lived in Maryland. When Shawn was six his family moved to Del Rio, Texas. Shawn's father retired from Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas after 25 years in the Air Force. Shawn and his family spent the rest of their lives in Texas. Shawn played football from the time he was 6 until he was 17. He attended Randolph High School from the 7th to the 12th grade. He was the new kid at Randolph and he says football is what helped him to fit in. Shawn played outside Linebacker both ways. He was also the captain of the football team. After High School Shawn attended Southwest Texas State University for one semester. That is where Shawn did a lot of partying instead of going to classes. One night at a party Shawn grabbed his electric razor and purposely cut his head and started bleeding and ran around saying he was a wrestler. And that was the end of college for Shawn. And Shawn's wrestling career was about to begin.

Shawn and Jannetty meet

Shawn's first match was in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Shawn lost this match. But in Kansas City Shawn met Marty Jannetty. Shawn would hang out with Marty and Shawn says that is how he became a trouble maker. Shawn & Jannetty lived in the same area and traveled together.During this time Shawn didn't make a lot of money but he drove a 300zx. Shawn & Jannetty were in the AWA and got a call from the WWF and they had a little to much fun the night before at a night club and they were fired the next day. So Shawn & Jannetty went to Continental Wrestling Alliance where they lived in Birmingham, Alabama. They lived in a underground, dark, dreary apartment. It would be a year before the WWF would give Shawn & Jannetty a second chance.

The Rocker Years

The rockers(Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) debuted in the summer of 1988. Their first feud wasfeud was with Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. The Rockers first pay per view appearance was at the Survivor Series. At the Survivor Series the Rockers teamed with the power of pain, the British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation and the Young Stallions. They faced off against Demolition, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, the Bolsheviks, The Rougeau Brothers and the Conquistadors. The Powers of Pain were the winners of this match up. When the Rockers debuted at WrestleMania 5 they lost to the Twin Towers.Shawn later said on AOl the only thing he remembered about this match up was getting smashed the night before. And he also said every WM he gets that same feeling except now he doesn't get smashed the night before. The Rockers ran into some major trouble at SummerSlam of 1990.The Rockers were about to face Power & Glory but Hercules attacked Michaels with his chain injuring Shawn's knee.This injury put Michaels out of action for several weeks. Marty then went out by himself to try to beat Power and Glory but he was defeated when Power and Glory powerplexed him. Michaels returned to action but the Rockers just couldn't beat Power and Glory. At the Royal Rumble in 1991 the Rockers defeated the Orient Express. At WrestleMania 7 the Rockers defeated the Barbarian and Haku. At the 1991 Survivor Series Marty Jannetty caused Shawn Michaels to be eliminated. This was one of the first signs that proved there was dissension among the two. They would argue over who would get to pin their opponents. Shawn was wrestling Ric Flair and Shawn was tossed out of the ring and Jannetty threw Shawn back in the ring so he wouldn't get counted out but Shawn got pinned anyway. This is what many say was the last straw. Shawn and Marty appeared on the Barber Shop. it looked as if Shawn and Marty were going to settle there differences but Shawn superkicked Marty and threw him through the Barber Shop window. That was the official break up of the Rockers and Shawn went on to singles.

Singles Career with Sherri

Shawn was apart of the Royal Rumble(1991). Michaels did not win the Rumble but he did do better then he had in the past. Then Shawn got a manager, "Sensational" Sherri who had been with Ted DiBiase before Shawn lured her away. Sherri recorded Shawn's entrance music "SexyBoy". Shawn had his first singles pay per view match up at WrestleMania 8 . Shawn faced Tito Santana (El Matador) and won the match up. Shawn then received some intercontinental title shots against Bret hart. Shawn wasn't successful at winning the I C belt but he did get some count out victories over Hart. Shawn went on to have a feud with Rick Martel. This feud began because Michaels interfered when Martel had Bret in the boston crab to make sure that Martel couldn't get the I-C belt because Shawn wanted it for himself. Rick Martel came down to ring side during Shawn's match up and made a pass at Sherri. Sherri seemed very interested in Rick and her loyalty was being tested because she wasn't sure who to side with. At Wembley Stadium Summer Slam 1992 the two rivals would meet. Sherri had made both men promise not to hit each other in the face but the two men couldn't resist. During this match up it appeared that Sherri had fainted. Both men jumped out of the ring and began to fight over Sherri while they fought they also dropped her several times. The result of the match was a double count out. Sherri stayed with Shawn. During a match up Shawn had on TV Marty came out of no where and confronted Michaels. Marty took the mirror that Sherri brought to the ring for Shawn and attempted to hit Michaels over the head with the mirror but instead of hitting Michaels, Marty hit Sherri over the head. This put Sherri out of the ring for a while.

Shawn Becomes new Intercontinental Champion

While Sherri was gone Shawn went on to become the WWF Intercontinental Champion because he beat Davey Boy Smith. At the 1992 Survivor Series Michaels faced Bret Hart for the WWF Championship belt. Bret's title was up for grabs not Shawn's I-C belt. Shawn fought hard during the match up but he came up short after Bret put him in the sharpshooter. After the match up with Hart Shawn concentrated on defending his Intercontinental belt.

1993 Royal Rumble

Shawn faced Marty Jannetty at the 1993 Royal Rumble where Sherri returned. Sherri never said who's corner she would be in but she showed her true colors when she slapped Shawn across the face. Later the ref got knocked out and Marty held Shawn so Sherri could hit Shawn over the head with her high heal shoe. Sherri missed Shawn and hit Marty on the head knocking Marty out.Shawn pinned Marty and got the victory.

Shawn's feud with Tatanka

Sherri would be in the corner of Tatanka when Shawn faced him at WrestleMania 9.Tatanka had beaten Shawn before in a non title match up. He also beat Shawn in a 6 man tag where Shawn suffered from a separated shoulder. Shawn also had someone in his corner it was Luna Vachon. The match ended in a countout for Tatanka. I thought it would have been a disqualification because Shawn pulled the ref out of the ring. Luna attacked Sherri causing her to forget about Shawn and go after her.

Shawn's feud with Mr. Perfect

Shawn Michaels also began a feud with Perfect at WrestleMania 9 by beating him after his match with the Narcissist Lex Luger. Jannetty re appeared and tricked Shawn into giving him another title shot. The title shot took place on May 17 on Monday Night Raw. Perfect showed up and Shawn got distracted then Perfect threw a towel and Shawn's face knocking him off the rope. This allowed Jannetty to get the pin over Michaels. Three weeks later Shawn would regain the title with the help of his new body guard Diesel. SummerSlam 1993 it would be Shawn VS. Perfect. Shawn won the match via a count out because Diesel tossed Perfect into the steps outside the ring.

Shawn vs. Razor Feud; The end of Shawn and Diesel

Then Shawn's world came crashing down when he was stripped of his Intercontinental Belt in late September after being unable to meet unconfirmed contractual obligations. Before any of this happened Shawn was preparing to have several matches with the 1-2-3 kid. Besides being stripped of the title because he took a well deserved vacation he was also suspended indefinitely. While Shawn was gone Razor Ramon became the WWF Intercontinental Champion because he beat Rick Martel. Just before the 1993 Survivor Series Shawn was reinstated. Shawn took the place of Jerry Lawler at the Survivor Series. Shawn and his royal knights faced the Hart brothers Owen, Bret , Keith, and Bruce. The knights were all eliminated leaving Shawn to fight all the Hart brothers. Shawn pinned Owen Hart only then Michaels left the ring which allowed the Harts to win via count out. Shawn took a break from his feud with Ramon so he could participate in the 1994 Royal Rumble.Shawn didn't win the 1994 Royal Rumble but he lasted much longer then he had done in past years he finished 3rd behind Lex and Bret. That same night Shawn interfered in Razor's match up against I.R.S. he nearly cost Ramon the title. At WrestleMania 10 Shawn faced Razor in a ladder match. Shawn got his leg tied up in the ropes which allowed Razor to climb to victory. Shawn then started up the Heartbreak Hotel an interview segment. Shawn also helped his body guard Diesel gain the Intercontinental belt from Razor Ramon. The night before SummerSlam 1994 Shawn and Diesel gained the Tag team belts from the headshrinkers. Shawn's feud with Diesel and Shawn wins the 1995 Royal Rumble That night Shawn superkicked Diesel by mistake and cost Big Daddy cool the Intercontinental belt. Then at the 1994 Survivor Series Diesel was on the receiving end of yet another superkick. This angered Diesel and Diesel went after Shawn. Shawn gave up the belt and that was the split up of Shawn and Diesel. Diesel became the WWF champion after he beat Bob Backland in 8 seconds.

Shawn wins the 95 Rumble; Faces Diesel

Shawn then entered the 1995 Royal Rumble to get the chance to face Diesel at WreslteMaina 11. Shawn drew number one and he out lasted every single superstar in the Royal Rumble. Shawn was the first man in WWF history to win the Royal Rumble with the number one pick. It would be Shawn vs. Diesel at WrestleMaina 11. A few days before WrestleMaina Shawn introduced his new bodyguard "the big, the bad, the vicious: Sid".Sid was the reason Shawn didn't become champion that night. It was his bodyguard that made the ref turn his ankle and fall outside the ring. In the ring Shawn had delivered some sweet chin music which Diesel knew very well. The ref finally got back in the ring but Diesel recovered and then jackknifed Shawn. Diesel knew that if Sid wasn't at ring side he would have lost his title so he said he would give Shawn a rematch.

Sid Snaps, Diesel and Shawn reunite

Before that rematch could take place Sid snapped and powerbombed Shawn 3 times. He would have continued if Diesel hadn't came out to save Shawn. It turned out that Sid was working for money bags (The Million $ man) all along. Shawn was out of action for a long time but he made his return to Monday Night Raw to something he hadn't heard in a long time fan support. Shawn faced King Kong Bundy and qualified for the king of the ring. Diesel and Bam Bam came out to say congrat to Shawn because of his victory and this is when Shawn and Diesel became the best of friends once again.

Shawn's return and new I-C Champion

Shawn would face Kama in the opening round. Shawn fought all the way but time ran out and the match was a draw which eliminated both men. The following night on Raw Shawn goaded Jeff Jarrett into a title match which would take place at In Your House. Shawn won the title by superkicking Jeff Jarrett after the roadie grabbed Jeff's ankle by mistake. Shawn was the new WWF Intercontinental Champion. That same night Shawn was one of Diesel's lumberjacks and jumped on Sid from the top rope.

Shawn vs. Razor at Summerslam

Shawn was scheduled to face Sid at SummerSlam but Gorilla Monsoon changed the match to Shawn vs. razor in a ladder match. The winner of that match would face Sid on September 11 on Monday Night Raw. Shawn went into the match with confidence. Shawn would climb the ladder and would remain the Intercontinental Champion. The match ended on a good note the two friends hugged. It would be Shawn facing Sid September 11 on Raw.

Shawn vs. Sid on RAW

Shawn went into the match to end his "deep dark past" and that is what Shawn did. He gave Sid sweet chin music not once not twice but three times. Then Shawn started to dance and strip in the ring. After Shawn got his revenge it would be the Two Dudes With Attitudes Shawn and Diesel facing the tag team champions Owen hart and Yokozuna at In Your House.

Two Dudes vs. Tag Team Champions

When it was time for In Your House Owen was no where to be seen so Davey Smith filled Owens shoes. Then near the end of the match Owen comes out of no where jumps off the top rope but Big Daddy Cool catches him and Jackknifed him. The ref counted to three and it appeared Shawn and Diesel won but later Gorilla changed the ruling and gave the belts back to Owen and Yokozuna because for that night Davey was the champion not Owen.

Shawn's bad luck

Once again bad luck was Shawn's middle name.The old saying goes if not for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. This is true for HBK. While Shawn was at a club in Syracuse New York he was attacked by 9 thugs. Shawn received a concussion. Shawn was forced to publicly forfeit his Intercontinental belt to Dean Douglas. Shawn was out of action for a while but then made his return to the Survivor Series in the wildcard match. During this match Shawn took many shots to his head but nothing seemed to be able to stop Shawn from winning. Nothing did keep Shawn from winning that match. But the next night on Raw it was Shawn vs. Owen Hart. It seemed as if Shawn was going to win this match as well but Shawn collapsed in the middle of the ring. He was carried out on a stretcher to medical attention. Later his doctor said he had post concussion syndrome.

Shawn wins the Royal Rumble for the second time

Shawn held a press conference to tell the world that he was back. He came back with vengeance. Shawn was living out the dream of the 12 year old boy that still lived inside his heart. But there was one man who ran his mouth saying he put Shawn out of action for such a long time. That man was Owen hart and Shawn couldn't take it. He put up the one thing that was so important to him his title shot at WrestleMania 12. This match took place at In Your House.

Shawn vs. Owen Hart

Shawn was dancing on the roof literally then he took a rope and swung down and entered the ring and cleaned house. Then he took off his outer gear and began to wrestle. Owen delivered a swift hard kick to the back of Shawn's head. But this didn't have the same effect as it did on Raw the last time they meet. As Owen went to kick Shawn in the head again Shawn caught Owen's leg the got the chance to deliver some sweet chin music and he pinned Owen 1-2-3.He was going to face Bret Hart at WrestleMania 12 in a 60 min. iron man match up.

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