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(I Typed This From PWI's 50 Most Beautiful People In Wrestling)

Hunter Hearst Helmsely

Hunter Hearst Helmsely once boasted that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He didn't mind telling anyone all about it. But during the last year we have seen a different side of "Triple H." The wild side. The vulgar side.

But at least he learned to lighten up and just have fun.

Helmsely is the kind of guy who assumes everything will be all right, because he knows no other way. Completely self - assured, his cockiness seeps through every pore of his body. But that's part of his charm. About the money he was born with. His long blond hair and aquiline nose have at least patially distracted the women who were drawn to him by his bank account.

(I Typed This From PWI's 50 Most Beautiful People In Wreslting


There are men who work their schedules around ESPN2's broadcasts of the Fitness America Pageant and hang out at female bodybuilding competitions. They are female muscle groupies, excited by the night of a woman with a muscalar body. Wrestling never had anybody for them until Chyna came along.

She intimidates many men. She's either too tall or too strong, and how many men have enough self confidence to date a woman who can vench press more that them or beat them at arm- wrestling? To many men, she is obscenely muscular. She has advanced to a level far beyond well-toned.

But there are others who look into her dark brown eyes, gaze over her incredible body, and see a strong woman who takes care of herself and doesn't need a man watching over her all the time. Chyna has developed her body to its peak. She is a strong woman, not only for strong men, but for herself.

(I Typed from the Feb 1998 issue of the WWF Magazine)

The Chyna Syndrome
By Lou Gianfriddo

Ever since she manhandled Marlena, director of former Intercontinental Champion Goldust, on RAW IS WAR, Chyna—the massively muscled advisor to Hunter Hearst-Helmsley—has been caught in the public’s eye It seems as if everyone wants to know about her and with good reason.

No woman has ever made such an impact on the World Wrestling Federation as Chyna has. Sure, Elizabeth—who was once married to and the manager of multi-time Federation kingpin Macho Man Randy Savage—warranted great attention in the media, in part because of her managerial expertise, but most because of her pristine, innocent appearance.

Other women have also made a mark in the Federation, but most, if not all, were wrestlers. Everyone knew where they stood in terms of ring combat; they had—and this should not be misconstrued by anyone or any organization—their place: they were athletes. They were brave female athletes who took great pride in their profession. They competed on a nightly basis against some of the most competitive women of their era, and often did so with more intensity than some of their male counterparts.

That all changed when Chyna entered the Federation several months ago, ostensibly as a fan, at first. Few can forget the carnage this huge, athletically built women caused when she initially made her presence felt to the world on Monday Night RAW this past February.

There, seated at ringside, Chyna was taking great interest in the Intercontinental Championship match between Goldust and Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. During the match, however, she extended herself in a way no one ever should. When Marlena drifted near her clutches, Chyna—who weights in at approximately 180 pounds of shredded muscle—reached out and manhandled the cigar-smoking manager in a way that had never been witnessed before. Security guards rushed to the trouble spot and, with much difficulty—due in part to her size and strength—ejected her from the building.

Most people would have learned their lesson, especially after spending time in lockup. But Chyna is different. From what World Wrestling Federation Magazine has discovered, Chyna bonded herself out of jail and promptly drove to the next city where the Federation superstars were scheduled to compete. Then, once again on RAW, Chyna showed the world her mean streak by jumping all barricades…and getting to the petite manager yet again.

This time, Chyna left a lasting impression: her assault was so vicious and unexpected that Hunter Hearst Helmsley had to stand up and take notice. The Greenwich Snob was in the market for a bodyguard and, in his opinion, no one could fit the bill better than this she-beast!

Since then, Chyna has catapulted into the spotlight. She has shown that fear is a word and emotion that she does not care to learn. On several occasions, she has stood toe-to-toe with such monolithic Federation superstars as Bret "Hit Man" Hart and even, most recently, with the Undertaker. Moreover, she has even tangled with superstars of the opposite sex during matches in which her man Hunter has competed. For example, she bodyslammed Bart Gunn during his match with Hunter some time ago on RAW IS WAR.

This magazine wanted to know what makes Chyna tick. With that in mind, we did some extensive research into her background.

Chyna, we discovered, has been an athlete her entire life. In fact, we learned that her powerlifting exploits are world-renowned. She has officially bench-pressed 320 pounds and has a deadlift in the mid-400 range, all at a bodyweight of 181 pounds. Chyna, we are told, is also a fully licensed female boxer; she’s said to have accomplished this long before Kristy Martin came along.

With so much athletic talent, Chyna then directed her energies to perhaps the most demanding physical challenge of sports: professional wrestling. True, some may scoff at the notion, but it goes without saying that wrestling is one of most taxing endeavors any athlete can undertake. As for Chyna? Well, her natural athletic abilities and power served her well when she appeared at the door, gym bag in hand, of Walter "Killer Kowalski’s" wrestling school in suburban Boston, Massachusetts. From the start, she was one tough—and mean—cookie.

From what we are told, other women (in the wrestling camp) wouldn’t get in the ring with her because she would simply beat the @#$% out of them! But, it got even worse. Knowing her size and ring manner, few—if any—women wanted to competed against Chyna we’re told. It got so bad that Chyna, in an attempt to merely wrestle, took measures to the extreme!

She had to start wrestling "in drag." Wearing a bodysuit and slicking her hair back so that nobody would know she was a woman…she began to wrestle men. One of our sources, who has asked to remain anonymous, told us that not only was this the greatest thrill of Chyna’s career…but that she also broke some of their bones along the way!

From there, Chyna set her sights on the World Wrestling Federation.

"I was looking for someone to watch my back and someone who wasn’t going to back away from anybody," said Hunter Hearst Helmsley. "That was Chyna. She proved to me that she’d take a whack at any man, or woman, regardless of the circumstances! The world has never seen an athlete like her," he goes on. "And I can guarantee that no one ever will!"

(I Typed from the May 1999 Issue of the WWF Magazine)

Is Corporate Chyna Breakable?
By Laura

When Chyna went corporate, everybody—from fans to World Wrestling Federation Superstars—were dumfounded. Why would the Ninth Wonder of the World turn her back on DX and go into league with the devil, Mr. McMahon? Speculation abounds—some are convinced it is because her ultimate goal is to get her hands on the Federation Women’s Championship, while others believe Chyna’s explanation of a better financial deal from Team Corporate. Regardless, it is the popular consensus that Chyna sold out big time when she left DX to go "corporate".

On Sunday Night Heat, Chyna told the world that her decision to join the corporation was all about money.

"I never had any loyalty to DX. It was strictly an employee/employer relationship, just as it is with the corporation. They happened to offer me a better deal and I took it," Chyna affirmed.

Could money really be the only motivating factor behind Chyna’s decision to go corporate? In DX, Chyna was the backbone of the group—its stabilizing force. However, she never had the spotlight—her presence was that of the silent leader. Does Chyna believe she will be able to achieve more prominence in the corporation—perhaps aspiring to be the "corporate centerpiece"?

"I feel more useful in the corporation. I felt more like a babysitter with DX—that I always had to take care of them, I had to carry them through everything. Now I can be my own person in the corporation," Chyna attests.

"Working for the corporation is no different than any other job. All my jobs are the same. I get hired, I do what I’m supposed to do and that’s it. It doesn’t make me any more fearful of other people or better or worse. It’s just different, it’s a different group."

However, will a group of men—especially one in which inflated male egos abound—allow this woman to be her own person? Moreover, what makes Team Corporate any different from DX—or from any work environment, for that matter? Despite the progress women have made and the advances "equal opportunity" has afforded the fairer gender, women are still treated as second-class citizens to men. Just as the proverbial glass ceiling exists in the office, so does a glass rope envelop the wrestling ring. The question is: Will the corporation be able to tie that rope around Chyna’s neck and keep her down? Or will the Ninth Wonder of the World be more than Team Corporate’s "eye candy" centerpiece? Will she be the one to crash through that glass rope, changing the image of women in the ring—in the workforce—in society?

"Will they give a woman equal opportunity to grow?" Chyna wonders. "No. Will they give Chyna equal opportunity? They have to because I’ll force them to," she replies.

Chyna is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The woman knows what she’s worth and what she wants—and she’s not afraid of going after it. But, again, what is it that Chyna really wants? Is it the Federation Women’s Championship, as so many speculate?

"I have absolutely no interest in the women’s championship. To me [Federation women] are a bunch of bimbos wrestling around. I am far beyond that and in a completely different category," Chyna asserts.

Will Team Corporate allow Chyna to have her way? It is safe to assume that the corporation has visions of acquiring the Federation Women’s Championship, a probable reason for her recruitment. Or will Chyna be strong enough to defy their wishes? Sometimes you really do have to play by the rules to win the game, Chyna…

Perhaps that is exactly what the Ninth Wonder of the World is doing. In order to conquer one’s enemy, one needs to know it from the inside out—and what better way than by becoming one of its very own. Don’t judge her too quickly, though. Perhaps Chyna is not a sell-out. In fact, it could be argued that she is just the opposite. The woman believes strongly enough in herself that she is able to take the steps necessary to advance her career and truly grow—despite how others may now perceive her.

There is much more to Chyna than meets the eye. Regardless of the motive behind her move to Team Corporate, the Ninth Wonder of the World will never cease to amaze us—and keep us guessing. Perhaps she will be the one to shatter the Team Corporate mold—Chyna is a lot more durable than the fragile egos around her.

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Today(May 16) I had the opportunity to talk via telephone with Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. Hunter talks about his interference in the Marc Mero and 1-2-3 Kid match, his commentating on Monday Night Raw and his upcoming match with Wildman Marc Mero at this month's In Your House(Sunday, May 26). In this AOL exclusive. . .this is what Hunter had to say!

WWFmatrat: Good afternoon, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, and thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Make it quick. I have more important things to attend to than talk on the phone with you.

WWFmatrat: OK...Hunter, we all saw you interfere at last month's In Your House match between Wildman Marc Mero and the 1-2-3 Kid. Is this the way Hunter plans on getting even with Marc Mero? Or is Hunter jealous that Marc Mero stole his girlfriend?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: First of all, it wasn't interference! Obviously you weren't watching the match. Wildman Marc Mero is the only one who is jealous. He is jealous of me! Everyone wants to be like me! I am the one who walks around with the most beautiful women in the world. You see, Marc Mero has repeatedly stuck his nose in Hunter Hearst-Helmsley's business. He has no reason to be in my business. I went out there to have a quick discussion with Sable. We had unfinished business after I had dumped her! Marc Mero still decided to stick his filthy nose in my business. So, I had no other choice but to take him out of my business with the Pedigree--which you and the world shall see again at In Your House!

WWFmatrat: A few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, you did color commentating on the rematch between Wildman Marc Mero and the 1-2-3 Kid. Were you at ringside just to commentate? Or were you ringside just to interfere in the match and try and help the Kid win?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: First of all, I think. . .no, change that,. . .Iknow I did an excellent job commentating on the match. I'm sure the offersare going to come in from the World Wrestling Federation wanting me to docommentating on all of the matches. I was at ringside minding my own businessand doing my job. I was enjoying commentating on the match, and Marc Mero wasthe one who started it. You see, Wildman Marc Mero is a tremendous athlete. Let's face it. He wouldn't be in the World Wrestling Federation if he wasn't. The one thing that he lacks. ..is brains! I think the 1-2-3 Kid proved that when he was beating his brains in during the match. The Wildman was very fortunate to win. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley plans on teaching brainless Marc Mero a lesson he will never forget at this month's In Your House!

WWFmatrat: Hunter, it was only this week on Monday Night Raw that we saw you take on World Wrestling Federation Champion Shawn Michaels and come up on the short end of the stick. You were pinned by the Heartbreak Kid after he floored you with a thrust kick. Can you give us your thoughts on the match? And why was Mr. Perfect hanging around ringside? Are you guys in on something?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Well, Mr. Perfect and I have a relationship. I do not interfere in Mr. Perfect's business, and he doesn't interfere in mine. What's his is his and mine is mine. I am not sure why he was there. Maybe he just wanted to get a better look at me? Can you blame him? Everybody wants to get a closer look at me. As far as World Wrestling Federation Champion Shawn Michaels goes, he is a tremendous champion. It is obvious because he is at the top of the World Wrestling Federation. My first shot at Shawn Michaels. . .well. . .let's just say he was the teacher this time. Next time the student, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, will become the champion.

WWFmatrat: Final question.

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: It's about time.

WWFmatrat: At this month's In Your House, it will be Hunter Hearst-Helmsley taking on Wildman Marc Mero. What will be your strategy going into the match?

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Everyone thinks that this match is about Sable. Sable has nothing to do with this. Women like her are a dime a dozen to Hunter. For every one I have like her, I have 10 more to take her place. She meant nothing to me. But, as insignificant a piece of property she was to me, Marc Mero still stole her from Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. And at In Your House I will show Marc Mero what will happen when you steal from a Helmsley. I will once again be the judge and the jury, and I will execute the sentence. . .with a Pedigree!

WWFmatrat: Well, thanks for your views. I'm not quite sure everyone will agree. Anyway, thanks again and good luck Sunday, May 26, at In Your House!

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley is a man of his word! And furthermore, little online person or whatever you call yourself, my views are the only ones that really matter. On Sunday, May 26, at In Your House, you can bet following the match that Marc Mero will be looking for a new job. Maybe he can work for me?. . .that's an idea. . .I do need a someone to carry my bags!. . .LOL. . .(click. . .Hunter's phone hangs up)

(I typed this from the 9/97 issue of the WWF magazine. As you can see this interivew was conducted by the Editor of the WWF Magazine. {Vince Russo})
In the Line of Fire
Target: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
Subject: Chyna

What brings an aristocrat from Greenwich, Connecticut together with a barbell-bouncin' female brickhouse? Simple --the hunger to DOMINATE. When former World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst-Helmsley decided that he needed some "extra protection" after dropping his gold to rookie sensation Rocky Maivia, the silver spoon-sucking snob turned to a "stranger" who apparently had a fancy for his Midas touch. A deranged fan packaged in the body of an Amazon she-beast caught Hunter's attention when she climbed over a series of barricades and choked the air out of the delicate director Marlena. After a series of even more attacks on Marlena, the pompous polo player evidently saw something he liked and he hired the "mystery woman" he now referred as "Chyna" to watch -and protect- his back. Since that "deal of destruction" was made, this odd couple has been an unbeatable force in the ranks of the Federation. HOWEVER --as time passes through the hourglass, we are starting to uncover more and more about this dastardly duo. One fact, which came to the surface in the last issue of this very magazine, was the revelation that both Helmsley and Chyna were apparently trained by the same man --Walter "Killer" Kowalski. Is there more then meets the eyes? We'll soon find out!

Editor: Hunter, I have to ask you this question first because it has always troubled me.

Hunter: Excuse me, before I answer any of your ridiculous questions, I think the first -and formost- question you need to ask me is: How does it feel to be King?

Editor: Fine. How does it feel to be the King?

Hunter: It's GREAT to be King. Now, what's your next question?

Editor: Why do you feel a need to have someone watching your back? Don't you feel confident that you can get by on your own athletic ability?

Hunter: There is no question that I can get by on my ability alone. The reason why I have somone come with me at ringside is because when you're as good as I am, and when you're the man that Hunter Hearst-Helmsley is, someone is always coming after you from behind! And I'm human...I don't have eyes in the back of my head. But I can have Chyna's eyes watching my back all the time! Pure jealousy in the World Wrestling Federation makes me do this!

Editor: Speaking of Chyna...the squared circle of the World Wrestling Federation is certaintly no place for a lady. We thought you were a gentleman!

Hunter: Are you implying Chyna can't handle herself? She seems to have handled herself just fine so far in the Federation! That sounds like a chauvinist statement! You're a chauvinist pig, Mr. Editor!

Editor: And you're not?

Hunter: Of course I'm not. I let Chyna work for me, and she's a WOMAN isn't she?

Editor: Indeed she is. And speaking of that, does the relationship between you and Chyna go any further that what we see on televison?

Hunter: What you see on television is what you get! Chyna is my bodyguard, and she is there to protect my back 24 hours a day. That's all she does. It's a business relationship. Everyone seems to think there would be some problem with me and Chyna being together! If you think that's a problem, then maybe you should ask Chyna about it.

Editor: Does Hunter Hearst-Helmsley fear Chyna? We've already seen what she can do to other superstars.

Hunter: I don't fear anybody because I'm Hunter Hearst-Helmlsey, and in this world I have no equal. Chyna does what I tell her to do, because I have what she wants, and that is the money I put in her pockets.

Editor: How did it feel when Chyna had you in her clutches during your match with Goldust on Raw is War back in May?

Hunter: It just reaffirmed to me that Chyna can take care of any business that I need her to take care of in the Federation. If she can do that to me and almost break my neck in the couple of seconds that she had me, then she can do that to any superstar in the Federation at any time! All I have to do is snap my fingers and say attack!

Editor: Are you afraid of Chyna herself?

Hunter: The bottom line is that Chyna is a woman. Are you asking me if I would fight a woman? I don't hit women, and I should hope the other superstars wouldn't stoop to hitting a woman either.

Editor: What would happen if Chyna got tired of watching your back and she let it be known to you?

Hunter: Well, then I would have to let her services go. But Chyna is not a dumb girl. She isn't just a body and no brains. That would never happen!

Editor: In your opinion, what is a woman's place?

Hunter: You're really trying to set me up with this, aren't you?

Editor: I'm just cuious! You're a rich gentleman who's had everything handed to you your entire life, but where is a woman's place in the book of Hunter Hearst-Helmlsey?

Hunter: It depends on how attractive the woman is. If she is attractive enough she belongs by my side, and if she's not she belongs away from me. And as far as Chyna goes, she belongs by my side doing whatever I tell her to do.

Editor: What real man would have a woman protect him?

Hunter: Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. That's the real man who has a woman protecting him. Anybody who has a problem with Chyna can walk up to her and ask her if she has the ability to do what she does. Then we'll see what her answer is and if they think the same thing when she is done with them.

Editor: Are you telling us that you would be exactly where you are right now with or without Chyna?

Hunter: Yes, I would because I am exactly what I say I am, and that is the best in the Federation. I have no equal in that ring and I'm not going to prove that today, tomorrow, the day after that, whether Chyna will be with me or not. I will always be the best in the Federation!

Editor: With all due respect, Hunter, I would have to question that. Recently I learned first-hand that you didn't "accidently" stumble across Chyna at all. As a matter of fact, you and Chyna were both trained by the same man! I think you PERSONALLY groomed Chyna to guarentee your success here in the World Wrestling Federation.

Hunter: That's ridiculous. Who in God's name told you that?

Editor: Perhaps the trainer himself--"Killer" Kowalski?

Hunter: "Killer" Kowalski? Is he still alive?

Editor: Alive and well.

Hunter: Oh yes, right. Isn't he the same guy who thinks magnets are the cure-all of cancer?! The fact is, "Killer" Kowalski hasn't been "right" in years!!! If you're going to believe him, you might as well also believe that money doesn't buy happiness! Oh and by the way --this interview is officially over.

(I Downloaded this from the WWF section on AOL)

VIC: Hunter, the only way to start this interview is with a question that has been weighing on my mind for some time now: Have you ever gotten horse poop on your riding boots during a polo match? And, if so, what did you do?

HUNTER: In the game of polo, that is inevitable, Mr. Venom. Yes, it has happened to me, and when it does, I IMMEDIATELY have my servants clean my boots. Most of the time, however, I just get a new pair of boots and disregard the old ones.

VIC: What do you think of unsanitary women such as Courtnet Love, Madonna and Alundra Blayze?

HUNTER: Completely DISGUSTING! Nothing detests me more than an unclean woman. For God's sake, why can't they just bathe regularly? Once a day is good, but twice a day is much, much, better. Especially for that Alundra Blayze! She just walks by and leaves a vapor trail forever!

VIC: In a pinch, have you ever had to go to the bathroom in one of those porta-potties?

HUNTER: Vic Venom, where on God's earth do you come up with these questions? First of all, I've seen these porta-potties on the construction sight when they're doing work on my mansion. They are there because I refuse to let the workers into my home to use my 15 rest rooms. Overall, I believe that they are utterly RIDICULOUS! What I don't understand is how does the bathroom attendant fit inside there with you? How does that work?

VIC: Very good question, Hunter? Next -- Have you ever eaten at McDonalds?

HUNTER: I've never eaten at McDonalds, and will NEVER eat at McDonalds! How the world can digest that rotten food is beyond me!

VIC: There's a rumor going around that you actually kicked Robin Leach OUT of your mansion because he failed to wipe his feet before he entered. Is that true?

HUNTER: That is quite true. You see, Mr. Venom, Robin Leach is nothing but a servant to a TV studio. He works for a program called the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." That, however, does not mean that he is rich and famous himself. He came to my mansion thinking that he was this great superstar, and I was there to tell him that he wasn't. All he is a servant to people like me in this world. All I ask is that people like Mr. Leach recognize, and accept their role in life. For a moment Mr. Leach forgot his role in life -- I just reminded him of it.

VIC: Now, Hunter, this might be a touchy subject, but let's talk about that famous nose, shall we? Personally, I think it's rather distinguished, however, there are those that say -- well -- you have rather a large honker! Do you care to comment on that?

HUNTER: These are the same people that eat at McDonalds and use porta-potties Mr. Venom. Their opinion does not concern me in the least! As far as I am concerned -- and as far as most of the world is concerned -- if they search deep inside their soles for an answer, and not on the surface where the jealous lies, they would see that Hunter Hearst-Helmsley is simply perfect. My upbringing is perfect, my genetic disposition is perfect and I am just perfect in every manner!

VIC: OK, Hunter, between you and I -- and, I PROMISE not to let this get any further -- have you ever gone to a restaurant, used the bathroom, and left without washing your hands?

HUNTER: First of all, Vic Venom, you not telling the rest of the world? I sincerely doubt it. Telephone, telegram, TELL VIC VENOM -- that's how things get around in the World Wrestling Federation! But, that being besides the point, must you even ask me that ridiculous question? Look at me! I am perfectly groomed from head to toe. I have never once done that, and never will do that! My grooming is impeccable! I can't believe you would even ask that hideous question.

VIC: You're right, Hunter. I apologize. Let's forget that question, and move on. Now, I was reading my favorite publication the other day, The National Enquirer, and it stated that you may have been responsible for giving OJ Simpson CLEAN UP tips, prior to his cleaning up his white Ford Bronco -- Is that true?

HUNTER: I take the fifth on that, Mr. Venom. What's your next question.

VIC: Have you ever stolen a towel from a Howard Johnson's hotel?

HUNTER: Again, what would make you think that a Hunter Hearst-Helmsley would ever stay at a Howard Johnson's hotel? I might own a few and perhaps put my servants up there, but the thought of me even being near one of those repulsive places gives me the chills!

VIC: Last question: When Aunt Leona was doing hard time in the big house, did you at any time attempt to bake her a cake -- with a file in it?

HUNTER: First of all, let me say that was a great injustice perpetrated upon my aun't The American judicial system is jealous -- just as everyone else in the world is -- of the Helmsley family! In response to your question, I did not ever attempt to bake her a cake with a file in it! One time one of my servants brought a blow torch into the facility, but that was a complete misunderstanding! He didn't even know how it got into the package he was delivering to her! Also, between you and I Mr. Venom, she never even went to prison. They put her up in a small cottage on the coast of Rhode Island. They just brought her into the prison every now and then to take pictures in order to fool the rest of the world, but she was never ACTUALLY there. Please, whatever you do, Mr. Venom, don't let that get out!

VIC: You have my word, HHH!


By Phil Speer

Credit: http://www.wwf.com

Chyna’s appearance on "Live with Regis & Kathie Lee," which will air tomorrow (Thursday) morning, was taped Tuesday at the Disney-MGM Studios New York Street backlot in Orlando, Florida.

The "Ninth Wonder of the World" reportedly had quite an entertaining and humorous segment on the show, which also featured Julio Iglesias and Carrot Top.

Dressed in attire similar to what she wears on RAW, Chyna discussed the legendary Killer Kowalski, who trained her. She talked about her travel schedule, and being the only woman on the Federation roster that fights men. Regis brought up her character, and how she sometimes breaks the rules and dishes out low blows.

She also showed Regis a few moves and talked a little trash, in a joking way, with the host. Finally, they mentioned WrestleMania XV is coming soon to home video.

The appearance apparently went very well. Regis was particularly interested in Chyna, and continued to talk with her after the segment.

After the taping completed, Chyna took a special tour of Disney World, where she was mobbed by fans. A roller coaster enthusiast, Chyna had the opportunity to try out "Tower of Terror," which takes you 13 stories up and then drops you straight down. The "Ninth Wonder of the World" loved the ride so much that she went on it twice, nearly missing her flight.

Be sure to catch "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" when it airs tomorrow morning at 9 AM ET/PT on ABC!

Hunter's New Mean Streak

By Steve Komertz

Credit: Http://www.wwf.com

Since one of the founding fathers of DX startled the world by turning against his friends at WrestleMania XV, Triple H has been reformed into one of the meanest superstars in the World Wrestling Federation. Gone are the days of carefree comical routines and poking fun at whatever he pleases. Instead, Hunter's continually developing mean streak has fans and insiders scratching their heads for answers as to why Hunter is so incensed with rage.

Remember how confused Hunter was after Chyna turned on her longtime companion on the RAW prior to Halftime HEAT? Perhaps it was that very astonishment of betrayal and confusion that began to ripen the anger Helmsley embodies today. Even after he reunited with Chyna in the Corporation, Helmsley's fury continued to intensify.

How angry is HHH? At Backlash, Hunter did everything he could to re-injure X-Pac's neck. Was Triple H in fact trying to end Sean Waltman's career for good? Judging from the precision blows and amount of force that was used on X-Pac's neck, Hunter's action suggests his intention's were just that.

The next night on RAW, Triple H engaged in battle with yet another one of his former DX cohorts, Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Perhaps possessed by vengeance, it was clear that Helmsley was fixed on destroying the athlete's dexterity, as he ripped away at Gunn's left knee. Mr. Ass has long been considered one of the finest pure athletes in the Federation, and Hunter's purpose was once again unmistakable, as it appeared he was hell-bent on twisting his onetime recruit's legs into a pretzel.

Will HHH continue to dishonor and possibly even attempt to end the respective careers of his former friends? Perhaps Road Dogg is next on Helmsley's hitlist? Maybe Hunter has plans to go after the Federation's elite. Will Triple H's wickedness continue to escalate? Be that as it may, only time will tell how far Triple H is willing to take his newfound attitude?

From BlueBlood To Bastard The startling transformation of Triple H.
By Kevin Kelly

(This article was typed by me from the September 1999 issue of the World Wrestling Federation Magazine.)


Those three words were an accurate summation of Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, circa 1995.

VICIOUS, CUTTHROAT, Heartless. . .

These three words are mild descriptions of the business side of Triple H today. In the ring, he is not a nice man. Professionally, there may be none better at the science of sports-entertainement. His style, however, has metamorphosed over the past four years. Always technically blessed, Triple H has evolved from a patient almost passive participant, to a man looking to eat up whoever he is opposed by. He is on the threshold of immortality and he knows it. If he gets there, the world will know it . . . and pay for it.

The ability to turn on a vicious streak at a moments notice is an incredible gift. What seems to be at the flick of a switch now, Triple H mimics Jekyll and Hyde with his ability to hone his sadism on his foe and then contain it, not allowing himself or those close to him to be eaten up by it. The only thing that consumes Triple H now is the desire for perfection and the Federation Championship. But how did this one-time snob become a sledgehammer wielding sociopath? Perhaps his affiliation with Chyna was a critical element. But as we know, the Ninth Wonder of the World was not the first to attempt to assist the blond assailant.

It seemed as if Helmsley always "needed" someone or something. At least that was the perception. Valets, managers, bodyguards were all given to him. It's no surprise that they all failed and Hunter suffered for it. Two steps forward would be followed by two steps back. A series of false starts slowed him down out of the blocks, but also made him smarter. That annoying mandolin music that preceded him to the ring during his early Federation career set the tone for what was a soft attack. Now the driving track that Triple H comes out to seemingly has captured the frustration that he bottled up during his painful breaking-in period.

Perhaps that burning desire and bitterness from having been held back coupled with his selection of Chyna to help him get to the top was the right formula. Like a complicated equation, when it all works out the results speak for themselves. It wasn't that Hunter needed "someone", he needed "the right one". That right one is Chyna.

The chemistry these two possess is strong. Like any great team, they have had their ups and downs. But the feeling one gets when watching them together during a match is that there is one collective mind at work. Effective teamwork means the called play is run efficiently- no one jumps off side, neither zigs when they should have zagged. Best tandem ever? Name one better . . .

But early showdowns and a great teammate in Chyna hardly account for the viciousness that Triple H has displayed of late. Perhaps a strong emotion jealousy- is the cause. As predicted, in the April issue of the World Wrestling Federation Magazine, Triple H's desire to get main event status lit a fire within him and career altering decisions were made. He left a "sure thing" with DX to trust the McMahons and join the Corporate Ministry. The "Good Time Charlie" clad in defiant green and black had to change his mindset when he changed teams. No one, however, could have predicted the change would have been this drastic.

The knock from critics on Hunter Hearst-Helmsley was his laissez-faire attitude. The always fluid technician now has silenced the naysayers by jamming the gearshift into overdrive and getting downright nasty. Those credit perhaps be held somewhat accountable for throwing gas on the fire with their knocking of Hunter during his formative period. Believe me, Triple H never, ever forgets.

Usually someone who is powered purely by anger will burn out. You can only stand on the pedal for so long before running out of fuel. But Triple H's journey is not a runaway train, but rather more like a high-performance engine controlled by an aggressive driver. When Triple H puts his game face one, there are few competitors as intense in the World Wrestling Federation. Throw the added controlled combustibility of Chyna into the mix and you have a methodical machine with fire and emotion driving the pistons.

So, where is this vehicle headed? On the road to championship glory? We may not have to wait much longer. Each landmark along the way from his days as the Greenwich Snob, his crowning achievement as the 1997 King of the Ring, the rise and fall of DX to today has made for an entertaining journey. The road had bumos, curves and its share of potholes, but crossing the finish line first is all that matters to Triple H.

Of course, if he does get the checkered flag, Triple H, along with Chyna will celebrate victory alone. They will also have to jump right back behind the wheel for more racing, this time the hunted. This pair has run over many toes on their way to the top. Don't be surprised if revenge is the power source for future opponents' attacks.

One thing that we have learned from Triple H is that he is not afraid to reinvent himself. Adversaries will have to be wary of the next evolution and to what depths his next character will sink to keep the spot he has earned. Triple H was told he could never do it. "They" said he could never make it to the upper echelon. Now that he has don't expect him to hand back what he has attained.

Chyna and Kitty - a new duo
By Chris Rizzo
Oct. 21, 1999


Last weekend's No Mercy Pay-Per-View brought us many surprises and thrills, and it certainly changed the career paths of more than a few superstars. The Hardys not only won Terri Runnels' services, but also the accolades of the fans, even some of those who aren't as interested in the traditional in-ring action. Val Venis pulled off perhaps the biggest win of his career in defeating Mankind, solidifying himself as the fastest up and coming superstar in the World Wrestling Federation. Perhaps the biggest career advancement, however, was that of the current Intercontinental Champion, Chyna.

Chyna was absolutely jubilant after capturing her first Federation gold at No Mercy. She had just endured a brutal Good Housekeeping Match and had overcome the greatest challenge of her career. Things were certainly looking up for the first-ever female Intercontinental Champion. The next night on RAW, Chyna shocked the world by coming out to ringside with none other than Miss Kitty in tow. Kitty did not look the same as we are accustomed to seeing her. She instead wore a leather outfit and long, black hair like Chyna.

Obviously, Kitty has chosen to take her career in a new direction. She's gone from the innocent blonde bombshell to the seductive, no-nonsense, leather-clad and raven-haired vixen.

She's got muscle in front of her now, and it's female muscle to boot. It's nice to see Kitty taking up a stand with another woman after months of helplessly watching other members of her sex get pounded by a ruthless male.

Needless to say, Kitty looked extraordinary. After getting a glimpse of Miss Kitty, one would probably think that no one could outdo the way she looked that night. However, in my opinion, she was overshadowed by the very woman whom she escorted to the ring area. I thought that Chyna looked absolutely stunning. All the other Federation "divas" combined couldn't have looked more spectacular than the Ninth Wonder of the World.

In addition to her stunning looks, Chyna exuded more confidence than ever before on the mic. When she issued an open challenge to absolutely anyone in the backstage area, I truly believed that she felt she could kick the crap out of any man in the Federation, even someone the size of Viscera or the Big Show.

Chyna certainly proved herself big time at No Mercy, and it's my firm belief that each and every man in the Federation who has designs on taking away her Intercontinental belt might want to put their desires on the backburner. The Ninth Wonder of the World is a force to be reckoned with, and I think that she might end up holding onto the gold for much longer than most people think she will. However, only time will tell…

By Phil Speer
Credit: WWF

When you read the entire definitions of "respect" and "fear," you find they're not all that unrelated. Here are snippets from the dictionary for both words:

Respect -- To have regard for; esteem.

Fear -- Reverence or awe, as toward a deity.

Triple H has toiled in the World Wrestling Federation for several years. He was punished in 1996 after the infamous Madison Square Garden incident. He's been forced into a midcarder role for several years. Finally, this summer he declared that it was his time and he went out and took -- emphasizing the word took -- the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

Now he says he's "The Game," and he has the gold to back it up, but he still isn't getting any respect. Week after week, Federation officials force him to battle top contenders. It's as if they would do anything to get the Federation Championship away from him.

It took years for Triple H to earn a shot at the title. And now, he must be thinking, they won't even give him a day to catch his breath.

But just as Triple H pulled himself up by his bootstraps and took the Federation Title, he's now going to go out and take respect -- whether people want to give it to him or not.

How is he going to take respect? He's going to make everyone fear him -- revere him or be in awe of him, which is just like respect.

It doesn't matter of it's The Rock or Jim Ross, Kane or Linda McMahon. Triple H is going to get right in their face. He's going to speak his mind. He's going to make demands. And if he doesn't get his way somebody's gonna get an ass whoopin'.

Sound like anyone else you know? If you said Stone Cold Steve Austin, then you're thinking the same thing as me -- and you know that old expression, "great minds think alike."

In 1998, Stone Cold Steve Austin was fed up after dedicating "8 Long F'n Years" to this business. He declared he had "bigger fish to fry" and set his sights on the World Wrestling Federation Championship, which he finally acquired at WrestleMania XIV.

The fact that the Rattlesnake was so popular and Triple H so hated -- by fans and officials alike -- must further get under the skin of the champion.

I can't quite understand why Triple H is so hated by the fans. When you really think about it, he's just acting out what many of us are feeling.

How many of us have worked with a company for years without seeing a promotion -- without getting the respect we deserve for all the hard work we've labored through?

This is what is going through Triple H's mind right now.

But he's going to do something about it. He's going to make you fear him, he's gonna take respect. And one of these days, he might just make you like him too.

Chyna and HHH - a face/heel duo?
By Seth Mates
Oct. 25, 1999

Okay, fans, it's time for a quick Pavlovian test for you. I will tell you a sound effect you're likely to hear in the World Wrestling Federation, and you tell me what happens when you hear it. Ready? Here we go.

Broken glass.

Right -- you cheer your ass off, because Stone Cold's on his way.

"If ya smelalalalalalala ..."

You got it -- again, you cheer, because here comes The Rock.

"One, two, is this on?"


It used to be fairly obvious what to do when that music came on -- boo as loud as possible. It was the music for the evil Triple H and Chyna, who had turned their backs on the fans at WrestleMania XV and were the biggest heels in the promotion.

But something strange has happened lately. Triple H is just as hated as ever, thanks to his attacks on Stone Cold, The Rock and Mankind. But ever since Chyna started pursuing the Intercontinental Championship, she has been hearing the cheers.

It's easy to see why Chyna has become so popular -- she has taken a stand for all women in an overwhelmingly male profession, and has proven that women can be as successful in sports entertainment as men.

But even as she was breaking new ground in the World Wrestling Federation (and earning new fans as a result), the Ninth Wonder of the World still accompanied Triple H to ringside and continued to assault all the babyfaces, earning boos. For a while, it seemed that Chyna could be a face in the opening hour of RAW, and a heel in the closing hour.

Now it seems that Chyna is a full-fledged face, yet Triple H remains a full-fledged heel. But the two of them still share the same entrance music, and no explanation was given in the storyline for why they no longer accompany each other to the ring. In fact, the only time we've seen them together in a while was at the conclusion of the No Mercy Pay-Per-View, when Chyna helped save Triple H from an attack by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Triple H and Chyna have been inseparable since first joining forces in the Federation in mid-1997. They are easily the most talented tandem in the Federation, as they hold the two most prestigious titles in the sports entertainment business. But where do they stand as it relates to each other?

Did Chyna use the emotion and backing from the fans as a means to capture the Intercontinental Championship, planning all along to rejoin Triple H as a heel once she captured the gold? Does she truly like being "over" with the fans as a face? Or was the fan support just a nice bonus? And how does the evil Triple H feel about the fan support Chyna has received lately?

Getting back to my original experiment, I have to admit that when I hear that opening line of the song, I have to wonder for a second who is making their way to the ring. It seems to me that considering the strong connection between these two superstars -- all the way to their theme music -- that this is an issue that will need to be dealt with soon.

HHH's AOL Chat Transcript From 5/19/99
(I downloaded this from AOL.)

Question: What do you plan to do to The Rock at Over the Edge?

Triple H: I plan to finish what I started a few weeks ago. This is about proving a point to The Rock and to the world that I mean business. It's not just about getting a win anymore.

Question: Do you mind when fans come up to you at stores and restaurants and ask for your autograph?

Triple H: I don't mind when people ask for autographs; I mind when they do it at inopportune times. People need to understand that we have personal lives also. So if I'm at a store trying to buy a CD and every 30 seconds somebody's coming over to me asking for an autograph, it's difficult to go about having a normal life doing normal things. Or if you're at a restaurant with a fork in your hand and food in your mouth, I think it's the wrong time to ask somebody for an autograph. That is why the WWF provides autograph sessions and opportunities to meet superstars. Also, there are a lot of leeches that hang around our business, memorabilia people, etc., that are solely in the business of getting our autograph or personal information--whether that be pictures or the latest dirt--to sell for their own profit. And that I don't wish to have any part of. And it's pretty difficult sometimes to separate who is a fan and who is trying to make a quick buck.

Question: Why did you turn on D-Generation X?

Triple H: Because I went as far as DX could go. I took DX to the height of where it could go as a group and where it could take me personally. Make no mistake about it, this is a business and everybody in this business is out to get ahead for himself. By turning on DX I assured myself the vehicle to take me to the top, to get what I want, which is the WWF Championship.

Question: What do you think of Shawn Michaels personally and professionally?

Triple H: I have the utmost respect for Shawn Michaels. Professionally, he's one of the greatest performers ever in our business. Some of the greatest, most incredible matches I've seen in my life have involved Shawn Michaels and been because of Shawn Michaels. Arguably Shawn is one of the greatest workers of all time. Personally, outside of our business, he's still a close friend to me and always will be. And I personally have the utmost respect for him also.

Question: After The Rock, will you set your sights on Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWF Title?

Triple H: I will take one match at a time, but without a doubt my ultimate goal in the WWF is to be the top dog and to be the WWF Champ. From a performance standpoint, if you want to give the fans the best matches and stories they can have, Stone Cold-Triple H would be a blockbuster.

Question: Do you have a girlfriend or wife?

Triple H: I have a girlfriend but I am not married.

Question: How does your family respond to the popularity of yourself and the WWF?

Triple H: They're excited about it. I'm sure that they're proud of my accomplishments. They're very much avid fans and they're very supportive, so it's exciting for them. But also I think that there's a time when the fans can get to them also--somebody trying to get to me through them--and that can become tiresome to anybody.

Question: What do you think of Chris Jericho possibly signing with the WWF?

Triple H: As a person, I've only met him one time. Professionally, I've just seen what he does in WCW, but the WWF is a whole different ballgame. To be able to predict who will rise and who will fall when they hit the Big Show--and I don't mean Paul Wight, I mean the Major Leagues--nobody can tell who will make it. Time will tell. If Jericho has the ability and the desire then he will rise to the occasion. The thing about the WWF is the cream rises to the top and you prove yourself with your own merits. If Jericho does come in, I wish him all the luck in the world.

Question: What was the hardest wrestling match of your career?

Triple H: I would have to say that SummerSlam last year, wrestling the Ladder Match with The Rock, was one of my most challenging matches from a standpoint of trying to follow in the footsteps of Ladder Matches like Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon's two classics. But also, whether or not people know it or not, my knee was pretty bad off at that time. I had already at that point been avoiding surgery for about eight months and I wrestled that match with three knee braces on and it taped. And when you got a blown-out wheel, jumping off a ladder is not the best thing for it. From a physical standpoint, it was very difficult. And from a mental standpoint of trying to put that aside so that I could try to have a great match, it made it very difficult.

Question: How do you manage to keep in shape on the road?

Triple H: Slim-Fast and a box of Twinkies twice a day. Every town has a gym and if you have the desire, you can make even the worst of conditions into something beneficial. Training on the road for some is a burden. For people like myself and Chyna and a few others, the gym is like our haven or our little sanctuary, where we can do what we enjoy and what helps us. I personally love to train. So it's something that I enjoy doing which makes it a little bit easier. Chyna, on the other hand, just eats a box of Rolos. Many people don't know it, but Chyna doesn't lift many weights. She was actually stung by a bunch of bees and just has a lot of localized swelling.

Question: What do you find to be your greatest achievement so far in the WWF?

Triple H: For me, my achievements in the WWF wouldn't necessarily be things that mean a lot to the fans. Winning a title or championship really is superficial to a degree. There's a lot more things that happen behind the scenes that I would be proud of accomplishing or be proud of having done. So it's really hard to say.

Question: Where do you see yourself in one year's time?

Triple H: I see myself hopefully as one of the premier performers in this business and hopefully being considered one of the greatest workers. I won't say of all time, but at that time.

Question: Can DX survive with Road Dogg and X-Pac?

Triple H: My honest opinion is that without myself, Chyna or Shawn Michaels at least in some way, shape or form--some combination of one of those three--I don't truly believe there is a DX. The lifeblood, heart and soul of DX was created by myself, Shawn and Chyna. And we will always be the core of that group. X-Pac had a lot to do with the second run of success of DX, as did the Outlaws, but you can never deny those originals.

Question: Will you be appearing in anymore TV shows or any movies?

Triple H: My phone is always available to ring for the producers or directors if the offer is right. As of right now, I don't have anything specific on the horizon. Right now I'm pretty highly focused on wrestling. If the right thing came along, and it was something I could do without interfering in my goals and desires in wrestling, then I would consider it. But until then, I will continue making regular guest spots on the Teletubbies show.

Question: How does it feel to be one of the most hated wrestlers in the WWF and be booed everywhere?

Triple H: I love it. The reaction of the fans to me is a reaction. I don't care if you boo me, cheer me, swear at me, love me, or hate me, as long as they don't deny what I do, and respect what I do. And I could care less about the rest.

Question: What do you think of Shane McMahon?

Triple H: I think that Shane has come a long way in a very short period of time. He has gigantic shoes to fill. There are not many people in the world that could try to step into the shoes of Vince McMahon. Most people wouldn't have the guts or the first inclination of how to do it. But if there's one person I believe could, I'll go with Shane. Shane loves this business. And he's jazzed for this business like nobody else and that goes a long way. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to fill those very big shoes.

Question: What was your inspiration for selecting pro wrestling as your career?

Triple H: I started out as a fan just like anybody else I guess. From the time I could remember, I've had a love of this business. And as time went on, and I got into bodybuilding and creating a body that I would need for professional wrestling, it started to dawn on me that maybe that would be a good career choice. When I started doing it, I gave myself realistic expectations, but it took off from there. And I'm glad that I did everything I did to get there. I wouldn't change a thing.

Question: If you could wrestle anybody in the world, who would it be?

Triple H: At this point in time, it would have to be Steve Austin, as I feel that Steve Austin is the premier athlete in this sport. Without a doubt, Steve Austin is the top dog. But not only from a standpoint of his position on television. I have the utmost respect for Steve Austin's ability in the ring. He's arguably one of the best workers in the business. If I could go back in time, I would have loved to wrestle Ric Flair in his prime.

Question: Any last comments?

Triple H: Watch Over the Edge Sunday. If you think what I've done until now is something, Over the Edge starts a whole new chapter. This is going to be Triple H's year.