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I have given support to so many guys throughout my life, but I know, I can honestly say that no other person that I have supported in the past can compare to what I have done in supporting Shawn Michaels today. He has "taken over" me, in a sense. I mean, I still do everything that I do in a normal day but there isn't a day that I don't think of him, or watch him on TV or my tapes. Physically, mentally and maybe even more importantly, emotionally - Shawn has taken control of me and that is something the other guys have been unable to do. Maybe because Shawn is different from the others. I have said so many times that when I support someone, I'd like them to be able to give me some kind of influence today or in the future. I would like to find role models that will be there for me in a positive way. I know that there has been bad days for him and sometimes, his bad days become my bad days also. I think that when he is down, I feel a little more down than him and that can affect me and change my mood totally. Just this last time, when Shawn got his belt/title "taken" from him, I knew he was down but, I also got SO took me a while to snap out of it. When I started to support him, I had decided that I was going to be there for him all the way -- the good days and the bad days and 11/17/96 was a very bad day. In complete contrast to this was the Royal Rumble on 1/19/97. Shawn was home in San Antonio. With family and friends (and fans) watching him, he gave the performance that only he can give ... he gave his fans an awesome match and made everyone watching even prouder than we already were. He was excited to be home but he was also nervous. It was disclosed early on that he had been suffering from the flu but, that didn't stop him from being at his best. His victory at home was a very special moment for him, for me and everyone that saw the Rumble. He has worked so hard and certainly deserves to be where he is today. And always behind him are his fans. He really cares for his fans and has his own ways of showing it. He likes to show us that he cares. He will get close to us, risking possibly getting hurt in some way, by being too close. That fact doesn't matter to him though, he will still want to get close to them at one point. Quite frankly, his bond with his fans is the number one thing that first attracted me to him back in August of 1995. And I was able to see that special bond he has with his fans, first hand when I watched him LIVE in October of last year here at the Rosemont Horizon. It was a great feeling to see him perform LIVE and I do hope that I will be able to see him perform again in the not so distant future... despite what has happened. He doesn't let the fact that he is a well-known star get to his head. He is smarter than that!! I know from observing him as closely as I do that he is very level headed. He lets his fans see him as HIM! His life is laid out to his fans like an open book. He knows that his fans are partly the reason why he is who he is today. He's never really forgotten that. And TO ME, that shows, that he really cares!! I can honestly say that he is in a league all his own because of his genuine heart. He is truly a CHAMPION and no belt is needed to prove that. He was raised properly and I know that his parents, family and close friends are very proud of him. I just hope that he knows that we are all also very proud of him!! He has said in the past that he feels uncomfortable when he is referred to as a Role Model, well, to me, he is one already and I know he is one to his other fans also. There is a special bond between Shawn and his fans -- it has been said that he is inspired by his fans and we, in turn, are inspired by him! That couldn't have been said any better! He is a very true and honest guy -- one with tremendous talent, ability and charisma. He is a great person, a great athlete and appeals to everyone that watches him perform. Inspite of everything that has happened and continues to happen to him, including this latest "tragedy", the one thing I know he can always count on is the support from the people that love him. Michael Shawn James Hickenbottom a.k.a. Shawn Michaels is a very special person to all those who know and loves him!!!!

Mel's Kiss


It was Mind Games Sept 96 IYH in the new Core States Spectrom. I don't know what time it was because I was too involved in looking at Shawn. First Shawn came out and then Mankind. My heart was beating so fast. After the match you know when Shawn picks someone to dance with? Well, he was really happy that he WON and he came up to me and just kissed me and hugged me. I will never forget that day and to make it better Jessi and I ran to the parking lot and waited for an hour freezing to death and he finally came out and he was slapping everyones hands. Since Jessi and Iare cheerleaders, we screamed and screamed. He winked at us, came over, hugged both of us, and said "It's nice to have fans like you." We could not sleep for weeks after that night Neither of us will ever forget that day.

Meeting Shawn


On Sunday, February 25, 1996, something happened to me that ALL Shawn fans, whether male OR female would envy. For some odd reason, I knew that this day would be extra special, but I didn't know why until... it happened. I remember it as if it were yesterday...everyone in the Pittsburgh Civic Arena chanted "WE WANT SHAWN, WE WANT SHAWN!!!!" We wanted Shawn...and Shawn we got. Seeing Shawn live is the biggest adrenaline rush I can think of...words cannot describe the joy that I feel in my heart whenever I see him live!!! Its something that EVERYONE should experience! Moving along... I was standing against the steel barracade waving to Shawn (you know how he always walks around the ring to admire his fans) well, anyway, he was looking at me and I was waving, taking pictures, AND blowing kisses to him all at the same time! :-) The coolest thing was that he actually waved back and blew kisses too!!! I know what you're all thinking...geez Stixx, get to the point already. I'm almost there guys...bare with me, ok. I went to my seat and I watched Shawn and his partner Yokozuna, beat the CRAP out of Owen Hart and the British Bulldog. After the match, I took my spot at the barracade, took my pictures, yelled, screamed, you know, the usual. Shawn was actually posing for me. He said "Wait a minute, that wasn't good enough, let me give you a good one. Ok, there we go...YEAH" Do you all remember when he went through that phase of bringing the girls in the ring to dance with him...well, he made a gesture to everyone, saying "Who wants to dance?!?!" He pointed at people and they climbed over the barracade and climbed into the ring. At this point, my mind went was like slow motion. I stood against the barracade, watching security grab girls by their legs and trying to hold them back. Shawn didn't like what they were doing to his fans!! As "Sexy Boy" echoed like thunder in the arena, Shawn said to security and I quote "EASY, EASY, LET EM' IN!!" As soon as those words spewed from his mouth...people jumped into the was crazy! For a split second...I stood there, confused. I thought to myself "When is the next time that something like this is going to happen to me?!?!?!" So, I said to myself "What the hell!!" I climbed over the steel railing and slid into the ring. There were people everywhere it was like a in the ring yanking other fans out of the way. The only thing that went through my mind was "SHAWN!!!" Finally, I was right behind him...I had to get his attention somehow. I stood behind him, just staring for a second, simply admiring this experience. Then I lightly stoked his hair...stroked his back and I thought to my self "Wow...I can't believe this is happening to me!!!!" Shawn worked his way out of the ring, and people (including myself), followed. I pushed people out of my way running to my Shawn...he didn't seem to mind it. :-) At this point, security had everyone at bay...except for me, that is. Shawn and I were face to face...he was standing on top of a chair, trying to get away from those psychopaths. I was rubbing his chest....we looked each other in the eyes. All that I could say was "Shawn, Shawn...I love you!!!" With a smile, he said "Thanks, I love you." That was the greatest day of my life...sometimes, I still can't believe what happened to me. I have to ask my older brother time and time again whether it really happened to me...I get the same response every time..."YES!" Sometimes, when I'm all alone, I think about what he said to me and I get a little worked up and I think to myself... "Dreams really do come true."

A Poem for Shawn

By: Sheji

Theres a guy in the wwf that all the girls love he seems to have come from heaven above. When he struts down the isle all the girls swoon, they all seem to hope that he smiles at them soon.Some guys may not like him and put him to the test, but sooner or latter there all gonna learn, that Shawn Micheals is simply the best! Shawn i love you please dont leave the wwf! Its not the same with out you! Love Sheji!

Shawn Michaels


Well, I guess the first place to start is at the beginning. That always seems to work.The first time I saw Shawn was right after he and Marty joined the WWF. I was totally taken by him. He was so handsome (they say things get better with age and boy did they ever!) Anyway, I would watch all the old 1980's wrestling shows to catch a glimpse of my Rocker. Unfortunately, we moved out to the country and my parents decided not to get cable.(I kind of lost touch with wrestling for about 3 years.) I was finally reintroduced to it in October of 95. I was over at a friends house watching In Your House and saw Shawn for the first time in 3 years. Bummer that it was such a depressing thing to watch. After that, I threw myself back into the wrestling world where I've been ever since and loving every minute of it!The July 22, 1996 edition of RAW just happened to be held in my hometown of Seattle, WA. I was totally freakin. I have never been so exited in my entire life. I had no idea what the night had in store for me. All I knew was that I was going to get to see my HeartBreaker live and in person. My seat was right up next to the security railing by where the wrestler's entered. I got several hand shakes from Shawn that night. I was so excited, my knees started to buckle. I didn't think anything could possibly be better. I was wrong! On October 12, 1996, Shawn came back to WA. He was looking very good (when doesn't he?!) Anyway, after his match, I ran to the security railing when he started making his rounds and I was the last person on the row and when he came over to me, I told him that he did a great job and then he kissed me!! I know that if my sister hadn't been there, I would've collapsed. I was so hyper. After that, I decided to go look to see if I could find where they came out. I found it and got my picture taken with Shawn. That picture is one of my most prized possessions. I have it locked up so no one can steel it and so nothing can hurt it. Shawn brings so much to the world of wrestling. I don't care if he's a face or a heel, he brings a smile to my face.

Shawn Michaels
By: (kina robinson)

Shawn Michaels is the main reason why I started watching wrestling. One day I was just turning the T.V. channels and I saw something that caught my eyes;from the moment I saw Shawn I fell in love with him. I support him all the way because his is just a wonderful man. Many people don't like him for reasons that are very childish. He can't help if he was blessed with being sexy and having a great body. Shawn has accomplish a great deal of things in the World Wrestling Federation. He is the only man in the history of the WWF to win all four titles available.Shawn has won the Intercontinental Championship belt,the Tag-Team,World, and last but not least the European Championship belt. Shawn and Hunter work very well together.I can remember there was a time when the two couldn't each other. I am very proud of Shawn because he doesn't let anyone stop him from accomplishing his goals. He is the only exciting ,sexy superstar in the WWF. Shawn will be a superstar that will be remember for eternity. "YOU GO BOY WITH YOUR BAD SELF".

P.S. Even if I never get the chance to meet Shawn in personal. I want him to know that I always love him with all my heart.

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

By: Ginger (

I guess it is my turn to talk about Shawn. I've been a fan of Shawn since he first came to the WWF. I didn't get the AWA so I had never heard of Shawn before. I'd be liar if I said his looks were the last thing I noticed...that was the first thing I noticed. But Then I watched him wrestle and I thought he was the greatest wrestler I had ever seen. After that Shawn became my favorite wrestler and has been ever since that day. Now besides his looks...which ladies I know you would have to agree with me on this...seem to improve every year, anyway back to what I was saying I think he has great mic skills every week I'm laughing and smiling. He is very funny:) He also is a GREAT athlete. I enjoy watching all his matches even the ones he loses...I must admit I like the ones he wins better but he puts on a great show for us... his fans. If he is a face, a heel, in DX(which I do Love by the way), or just annoucing he is THE SHOW STOPPER, THE MAIN EVENT, THE MAN, and of course THE ICON! There will NEVER be another Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

At the last SMA meeting....

By: MdmMalice1

:::stands up, goes to stand behind a podium:: Hello. My name is Melistra and I'm here to announce...:::trying hard to say this::: I"m a Shawn addict. :::heavy sigh::: I don't know just when it happened. Oh..I was a wrestling fan before, on social occasions, with friends. But then it became a deeper need. I started watching shows alone. Then began to go to live events. I just couldn't stop. I couldn't see that it was hurting me in any way, although I was sometimes reluctant to tell new people just where I'd gone or why I had to be home on certain nights. They just wouldn't understand. Then one happened.

:::clutching podium for strength:: HE was on. He danced and smiled. The people there cheered and screamed his name. He was gorgeous, strong and graceful and that was wonderful, but then...the match started. I was fascinated. He just flew through the air like gravity was something he could chose to ignore. He did technical wrestling as easily as he breathed. He brawled. ::::closing eyes and taking a deep breath for control::: He ....he could sell moves and make me believe....believe ::::knuckles turning white on the podium::: Mic skills!!!!! Oh my gawds, he could work a mic!! Attitude and charisma just surrounded him like a halo. And he ruled that ring. He ruled it do you hear!!!! And I.....:::voice shaking::: I....was hooked.

So I"m a Shawn addict. And it's hard, hard I tell you, to exist with my supply gone. To go week to week watching lesser men try to provide me entertainment and all falling short for they are NOT Shawn! I"m reduced to watching eagerly for the ads for the Mankind/UT cell match because video of Shawn is used. I heard his name mentioned on Monday night's RAW and like some fool I sat there going "they said his name...they said hisname!!!" I watched X-Pac's match and heard, like a distant echo, my own voice saying "Shawn does that move. Oh..look..just like Shawn used to do...I wonder if he learned that from Shawn...."

:::beginning to shake::: So..... I admit it. YES!!! Why shouldn't I? :::insane laugh:: I"m a Shawn addict and there ain't nothing...NOTHING I tell the rush you get from a Shawn Michaels match!!!! NOTHING!!!! NOTHING,NOTHING,NOTHING....!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahahahahahahah....TOP O' THE WORLD, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melistra :::curling into a ball, rocking back and forth and muttering "he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's going to be back, he's goin to be back................::::


by jen elgert

last monday night was one of the greatest nights in the history of Raw for any true HBK fan who can call themselves a part of Shawn's kliq. Shawn Michaels once again returned and not a moment too soon like some super hero who arrives at the last minute to save the day, not that he actually did anything but just his presence was enough since it seemed as though he had been gone forever. Shawn always said that he called the shots and I have to belive him because I don't know where the WWF is going with this conspiracy don't trust anybody thing i thought the X files were on sundays what is this? So Shawn arrived in the nick of time to perhaps steer the WWF in a new direction and I for one am ready for the ride.

It all went down like this: The rumors were flyin and drivin me nuts! He won't be back for months, he'll be at summer slam, he's going to WCW, he may never come back, he's suing McMahon,you name it someone said it. But then a rumor came down the wire that the lighting and gels(not that I know what gels are) for Shawn Michaels original boy toy entrance were received by the WWF I thought to myself you can't believe everything you read because a lot of the rumors concerning Shawn turned out to be false so why get my hopes up. So just when I thought I couldn't stand another night of Shawn Michaels withdrawal, if you will, a rumor finally proves to be true. Low and behold who comes out to the roar of the crowd and that familiar song which we all know and love, and greatly missed, but the man himself THE HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS! I think at one time the crowd even chanted HBK,which was great to hear again I for one was so excited I could've cried.

The last time Shawn left due to an injury he came to the ring and forfeited the belt which, as sad as it was, and none of us want to see Shawn go through that again, it at least gave some sort of closure, to the fans, as to what was going on. As opposed to this time where where we were left out in the cold so to speak we knew he had a back injury that was obvious, but that's basically as far as the info went, and you cant belive anything the WWF tells you because they have to keep there angles going and try to keep it real. which was probably why Shawn was like Switzerland all night , you know neutral. I suppose they have to continue with what they have already started before putting Shawn back in the picture. It did bother me though that Shawn didn't say anything bad about steve Austin after what happened at wrestlemania or Triple H after everything bad he's said about Shawn lately I guess he's just the bigger man. I'm sure he had something to say I just wish he did because he almost made himself look bad, that is if he could ever look bad. Even though not everything was settled it will be now that Shawn's back and some of the rumors are put to rest. Like that silly WCW rumor, besides there's no way the HB Kid would ever go to WCW he wouldn't want to become a hypocrite like that middle carder what's his name...bret hart? while some questions remain unanswered like who is this women shawn is supposedly engaged to so i know who I'll be jealous of for the rest of my life, but I guess that's why he's called the Heartbreak kid. And other questions are just poping up. DX has been popular in Shawns absence but now that he's back can they keep it going without him. Without Shawn DX just doesn't make sense for one thing Shawn started it. Plus we all know that Waltman, Hunter, and Shawn re part of the kliq so who's gonna believe Shawn Michaels is against them if it goes that way. If he goes back who will be the leader my solution, Chyna. Though who knows where it will go this is DX and the WWF after all and they certainly have surprised me in the past, even if I didn't like it.

It's great to have the greatest athlete ever in WWF, and I stick buy that one hundred percent, back where he belongs and ready to once again "break the hearts of women and the careers of wrestlers as well." I'd just like to say, shawn we're thrilled to have you back. On behalf of all Shawn Michaels fans we missed you like crazy, we love ya to death, now get in the ring and kick some a--!

I'm interested in any ones thoughts as to whats going on in the WWF so please send all questions comments or complaints to:



He danced his way out to the ring,

he danced his way backstage.

He danced his way into our hearts,

he danced the night away.

What would I say to him, if I ever had the chance?

I'd say "don't ever forget what brought you to the dance."



When I'm mad at the world and the world is mad at me,
when there isn't any place that I want to be.

When playing ball didn't help, nor seeing friends,
when I thought that my whole world would end.

When mom would yell and my brothers would fight,
when nothing at all seemed quite right.

I'd go somewhere to be by myself,
I'd grab that picture off of the shelf.

Not a picture of dad, not a picture of mom,
not even of my best friend John.

The picture I held so close to my heart,
the picture with which I would never part.

It was a picture of Shawn Michaels, the Heart Break Kid,
a guy I've loved almost as long as I've lived.

I've never met him face-to-face,
but in my heart he has a special place.

It cheers me up just to see him smile,
Shawn makes living all worth while.

You and Shawn part 2.