Shawn Michaels says:

"What do I look for in a woman? Why the three B's of course- body, brains and bucks. Bucks are optional, however, because the Heartbreak Kid has plenty of his own! What would I consider a romantic date? I would have to say that ANY date with me is going to be romantic." -Advice to the lovelorn.

"I can't answer that question. With me it just happens. When girls or chicks- whatever you prefer- scope me out, its just like bees on honey! They're all over me! Hugging me and kissing me as if I was God's gift to women. Who can blame them? Just take a look at this package." - Advice to the lovelorn.

"All right, honey. The HB Kid gets the message. Bottom line: With or without the gruff, I'm still the sexiest man alive!" - Advice to the lovelorn.

" The Heartbreak Kid is an equal opportunity date. Older, Younger, it doesn't matter to me as long as you know what you're doing!" -Advice to the lovelorn.

"The problem is no man alive, or dead, can touch Shawn Michaels. Tell your boyfriend that he either has to deal with that fact or hit the road, JACK!" -Advice to the lovelorn.

"What would the guy be doing wearing a white bikini? See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!" - Advice to the lovelorn.

"I feel the reinstatement of the Heartbreak Kid was inevitable. I mean, let's face it the basketball world got ripped off when Michael Jordan retired, and we didn't want the same repercussions in the World Wrestling federation. Under those circumstances, Jack Tunney and my lawyers went to work, and they all agreed that the best thing for the fans was to reinstate the greatest wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation: me." - WWF magazine talking about his reinstatement.

"Naturally it was fun in the sun for the Heartbreak Kid. I was digging chicks even when I was a small Heart-breaker! I would always be lying pool side watching the chicks go by. I even had the coolest swimming suit! You know how I was able to afford it? Well, while the other kids were selling lemonade on the corner for 10 cents, I was selling kisses for a buck fifty!" -WWF magazine talking about how he spent his summer.

"What can I say? America Online is hip even for a cat like me. I mean, where else would I get the opportunity to talk to chicks all over the world- at the same time! I mean, I'm breakin' hearts from Seattle to St. Pete- all on the same night!" - WWF magazine talking about AOL.

"Rarely does the HB Kid say the word "no" to a chick. As a matter of fact, the word "no" isn't even in my vocabulary. The thing is, however, if they're bigger then I am -like Blayze- I try to stay away. On the other hand, who knows? I may one day give in and give Ms. Blayze the time of her life!" -Advice to the lovelorn.

"The one that usually seems to work the best for the HB Kid is "Come here"!" -Advice to the lovelorn talking about what line works the best for him to get women.

"What about all those names in my little black book? Wouldn't they all be considered my SPECIAL friends?" -Advice to the lovelorn.

"You're reading to many Harlequin novels Blayze! You want romantic rent "Casablanca". You want action, you know who you can call!" -Advice to the lovelorn.

"I don't see how you can have anything in common.Face it, relationships are based on mutual agreement, and this guy has got to know that I'm the greatest athlete around. If he doesn't - he's not the guy for you." -Advice to the lovelorn.

"Yes, I do enjoy it, but restrictions don't allow me to take it all off. But, on live TV anything can happen and as everyone knows, I have never been one to follow rules." - AOL 1995 talking about the striptease he use to perform.

"I was asked to talk to a number of under privileged children in Wash. DC who had been scrutinized by everyone about their school system. The School ended up having the best attendance record of all the schools in DC. And as I was talking, I was talking as Shawn Hickenbottom, not as the HB Kid. When I looked down at the kids, they looked at me and seemed to be looking for answers. That is a position that I have never been in before and it was somewhat overwhelming. Sometimes in this business you forget how much of an effect that you have on people." -AOL 1995 talking about why he was in tears on Monday night raw.

"It was something that I had never really thought about. You break into this business wanting to achieve some goals and as I said before, there are a lot of times I don't realize the responsibility that goes along with that. I was made aware of that a couple of days ago in DC, I found it to be a very heavy responsibility, but a responsibility that I would be more than happy to bear." -AOL 1995 talking about being a role model.

"Then look away because I just can't help it. I need to disrobe myself on Nat'l TV. Don't knock it until you've tried it!!!" -AOL 1996 responding to someone who said it was gross for him to strip at the end of his matches.

"For the first time, I had no control over my body and my head (or brain) although a number of people seem to think they know everything about our business, I would have liked to convince everyone that everything was a complete work. I swear that I have never been through an ordeal like the one I have just been through." -AOL 1996 talking about the toughest part of the collapse and attack in NY.

"Everybody in this business has come on to me at one time or another. Man, woman or child." -AOL 1996 responding to the question has Goldust ever come on to him.

"I hope everyone is satisfied with my answers, don't let anyone try to convince you that I have not been truthful because I rarely don't tell the truth. That is why I have so much heat. See ya...until next time. HBK and the kliq rules!!!!!" -AOL 1996 saying goodbye to everyone on AOL for the night.

"You will not see any new members, nor will you see any old members. There is now only one kliq and that is the fans of the Heartbreak Kid." -AOL 1996 responding to any new members of the Kliq.

"Looking back on what was hopefully a wonderful and respectable career. Married with children. And hopefully doing something else that brings me as much enjoyment as the job that I have now." -AOL 1996 talking about where he sees himself in 10 years.

"Venom: You Know... it's funny, it seems like there are two "very different" Shawns. I can remember the one who walked in those very same boots the day after WrestleMania XII. You remember - don't you? The one who DEDICATED the Federation Title to the fans and his KLIQ. Now, it appears theres another Shawn Michaels. The Shawn Michaels who knows only three words - me, myself, and I. The Shawn Michaels who is determined to "do whatever the hell I want to do!" I've gotta ask you - who is the real Shawn Michaels?

Shawn: That's cute, Vic, but I think I'm the same guy that I've always been.I think that with the Federation Title comes a cloak which you may not necessarily want. Sometimes it is very hard to live up to. The people who support Shawn Michaels have always been supportive, no matter if he was wearing a white hat, a black hat or whether he was on one side of the fence or other. The people who support me, I support them. I'm not looking for quantity, I'm looking for quality. If I have four or five good fans out there and the rest of them boo me, that's fine. I've always told everyone they can act the way they want, but they have to understand, I grant them that right, so I demand to have that right also. If someone is cheering me, I'll acknowledge them. If someone is booing me, I'll acknowledge them, too. It's just time for me to live my life my way outside of the criteria of the Federation." -November/December 1997 Raw Magazine (Note:I just wanted to put this up here because I agree Shawn's true fans will be there to support him no matter what.)

"WW: Since your most recent change in attitude, it appears you and Vince McMahon....

SM: Let's get something straight right off the bat: What you're seeing now is the REAL Shawn Michaels. It's true for a while there I was being what you might call "fan-friendly," but I was never exactly a shrinking violet. Hey, if the fans want to love me, I can't blame them for that. But if anyone had a so-called "change of attitude," it was the people who got off my bandwagon - or at least publicly act like they did. In their heart of hearts they are still pulling for the HBK, whether they'll admit it or not. What's there not to like about me? " {My Note...very cute...I can't think of one thing not to like! :) }

"WW: What exactly is the connection between DX and the Wolfpack, besides the obvious?

SM: I remember some crybaby claiming he ran the NWO members out of the WWF and....

WW: That was Bret Hart.

SM: Who?

WW: Bret Hart.

SM: Oh, yeah, I vaguely remember him. He's that guy I took the world title from twice. Like I was saying, this crybaby said he broke us up; then I said it wasn't destruction, it was expansion. You've seen us - the NWO and DX - do some of the same gestures into the cameras. That's a sign of unity. I don't know if I can explain it on a level your readers can understand. Here goes: If your fellow floormopper at McDonald's switches over to Burger King, that doesn't mean you have to stop being as friendly as you were. The way we look at it, being in different locations means we now have TWO places to take over. It also means there's nowhere to run and hide. So even though the crybaby is out of my reach, he's still got a buttwhipping coming courtesy of my pals in WCW. If the tall guy don't get him, the bad guy will. So that's basically how I see things shapping up. DX and the Wolfpack are just too sweeeeeet!"

"WW: It seems most of the hostility towards you comes from the male sector of the audience. You still get a good amount of girlie shrieks when you make your entrance. Because our female readers ask all the time, would you mind giving your official marital status?

SM: No wife, no kids, no thanks. Why should I get married and thrill one woman when I can stay single and thrill them all? Just remember, girls, they don't call me the Heartbreak Kid for nothing.

WW: What about Chyna?

SM: She's single too. Look, you want me to line something up between you and her....

WW: Er, um, no thanks. I meant: is there any personal bond between you and Chyna?

SM: Chyna has given me physical therapy, but that's as far as it goes. Nothing's going on between her and Triple H, either. Our arrangement is "strictly business." "

"WW: I asked about DX earlier. Now I'd like to know where you INDIVIDUALLY will be in the year 2000.

SM: Right where I belong - in the mainevent. "

All of the following Quotes came from an online Chat on Prodigy before WM 11. (Since they are quotes I didn't change the spelling or anything...I just cut and paste them. The only thing I did was take the member's name off and got rid of the spaces between the member question and the reply.)

"Member Question: Shawn, are you going to cheat tonight?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): I wouldn't be the HBK if I didn't bend the rules just a little bit."

"Member Question: Shawn, what is it like working with SID?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): I'm sure he's thrilled to have my company!" {My Note: Isn't everyone?????LOL!}


Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Yes...your wish is my command."

"Member Question: Shawn or Diesel - have either of you ever been part of a shoot?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker)Yep...When you look like this you have Photo Shoots all the time."

"Member Question: Shawn, do you really think you have a chance?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): No, I think I'll just go home. Of course I do, you nemrod."

"Member Question: Shawn,what are you going to do after deisel kicks your butt

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Take his boot out of my butt...and beat him into submission with it."

"Member Question: Who did you want for Best Picture: Pulp or Gump?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): I only saw Gump" {My note: me too...I still haven't seen Pulp Fiction...I saw the first few mins and got bored so I left.}

"Member Question: Shawn do you have a fan club? I luv you!

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Yes...all over the world."


Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Felt like I was making history...and I did."

"Member Question: Shawn, what ever made you decide to break up the Rock and Roll express?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): I didn't break up the Rock N Roll Express."{My Note: I think the person meant the Rockers but Shawn's responce was so cute!}

"Member Question: Shawn, are you gay?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): No, but I'm willing to learn....NOT" {My Note: I thought Shawn's responce was funny...but we still haven't heard the end of this question...oh well what can you do? I guess people will always talk.}

"Member Question: Shawn- Are you jealous of Tommy Lee- Pam's hubby?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): There hasn't been a day in my life when I've ever been jealous of anything."

"Member Question: Shawn, who do you think you would match up to best in a one on one match? Steve Austin? Owen Hart? Ric Flair?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker):None of the three match up with me. Way out of their league."


Shawn Michaels (Speaker): If I feel like it. If they have me as a partner, they're bound to win."

"Member Question: Shawn when you beat Diesel to an oblivian and Diesel starts crying and whining to let him hang with you again, will you let him?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Of course not. Kick a man while he's down...that's what I always say."

"Member Question: Shawn why don't you forget about Diesel and get Marty Jenety back?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Marty is too busy throwing himself through plate glass windows."

"Member Question: Shawn do you think the Superkick needs a better name? I think you should call it theHeartbreaker.

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Then, the Heartbreaker it is!"

"Member Question: Shawn, rumor has it that you appeared in a porno video under your real name, Michael Hickenbottom. Is this true?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): No, I did not appear under my real name."{My note...LOL...cute. Good answer Shawn!}

"Member Question: Shawn, (a) who is your rodel? (b)Have you ever been compared to Ric Flair?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): I am...yes I have, and I don't take it as a compliment."

"Member Question: shawn: do you still talk to Marty Jannetty?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): NO! Marty Jannetty says to call him. No thanks....he keeps calling collect, I keep refusing the charges."

"Member Question: To Shawn Michael, Will you give Rowdy Piper a title shot after you beat Diesel to become the greates WWF champ ever?

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Only to celebrate Senior Citizens Day."

"Member Question: Shawn Michaels, I don't know how all those ladies can like you, you probably make it up, your not so handsome, actually you are really ugly

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): Obviously, you are blind as a bat!" {My Note I agree...Shawn is far from ugly but everyone doesn't have to agree with me!}

"Member Question: h.b. kid rules

Shawn Michaels (Speaker): I agree." {My note: too...I've been saying that for years..LOL!}