Please note most of this info came from various magazines, internet chats, watching HHH's matches etc.

Real Name: Jean-Paul Levesque (I'm not sure on this I've heard it several ways. Including his name is just Paul and even Michael so I don't know for sure. This is just the one I've heard the most often.)

You Know Him As: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

You Might Also Remember Him As: Terra Ryzing and Jean-Paul LeVeque

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 246

Trained By: Killer Kowalski (he runs a wrestling school here in Massachusetts.)

Federations He Has Worked For: IWF, WCW, WWF

Titles Held: IWF Heavyweight title, the IWF tag titles(w/ Perry Saturn), 1997 King Of The Ring Winner, WWF Intercontinental Title(2), WWF European Title(2), WWF Heavyweight Title(2).

Pro Debut: March 1992 in the Massachusetts based IWF (International Wrestling Federation) where he defeated Tony Roy.

Finishing Maneuver: The Pedigree (before he came to the WWF he use to use the inverted indian deathlock...or leglock which ever one you prefer.)

Toughest Opponet: Steve Austin

Most Hated Opponet: Owen Hart

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

If I Could Have Done It Differently: I would have never given that dollar to the Salvation Army.

Favorite Athlete: Myself

Favorite Sport (Besides Wrestling): Women and Polo. Better yet Women playing polo.

Person You Would Most Like To Meet: There is no one who is more interesting than myself. I can't even imagine what a thrill it is for people when they meet me.

Best Advice Ever Received: That's between me and my stockbroker.

Favorite Actor: Any federation fan that has ever booed me. I know that they do it because they really want to be me- but can't.

Favorite Actress: Women never act when they're with me.

Favorite Movie: Anything with James Bond. After all, they did model that character after Hunter Hearst-Helemsley.

Secret Talent: Again--- women never act when they're with me.

Favorite Band: Beethoven, Mozart and Bach

Favorite Cartoon Character: Richie Rich

Favorite Television Show: Lifestyles of the rich and famous. That show gives me a good chuckle! Those low-lifes being portrayed know nothing about being rich! First of all, if they were REALLY rich, why would they let a peasant like "Robin U Leach" enter their homes?

Hobbies: Fast cars, fine dining and faster women.

Favorite Food: Caviar and Champagne.

Biggest Thrill In Life: Waking up every day - being me.

Favorite Video Game: Who has time for all these games with all these women.

Favorite Fast Food: Does it look like I put fast food in this body? Next Question.

TV Shows HHH Has Been On (besides wrestling): Pacific Blue, and The Drew Carey Show.

Fact: He was obsessed with building the perfect physique and won several regional body building competitions before he was introduced to "Killer" Kowalski.

Fact: Only 4 months after his pro debut he recieved a shot at the IWF heavyweight title against the champion Mad Dog Richard and he won the title.

First PPV: Starrcade '94 but lost to Alex Wright.

Fact: At the 1996 Royal Rumble HHH was the first man to enter and even though he didn't win the RR he was in the ring longer than anyone else was. He was in the ring for 48:01.

Fact: He beat the then IC Champion Razor Ramon via a countout on 1/14/96.

Fact: He beat Razor Ramon by pin fall at the incident known to many fans as "farwell to the kliq" at Madison Square Garden on May 19th 1996.

Fact: October 21, 1996 he pinned Marc Mero and won the Intercontinental Championship.

Fact: He lost the IC belt (on a fluke I might add LOL!!!!!) to Rocky Maivia in Lowell MA on February 13, 1997.

Fact: He won the European title from Shawn Michaels on December 11, 1997 in Lowell MA. (It was a very funny match...I think it was kind of making fun of how HHH lost to the warrior at Wm 12 in less than 2 mins. But that's just my thoughts I could be wrong.)

Fact: He lost the European title on January 20, 1998 (when Goldust was dressed as HHH) to Owen Hart.

Fact: He won the European championship back from Owen Hart on March 16, 1998.

The Luckiest Thing That Ever Happened To Me: Meeting Chyna

It's Rottent To The Core: ECW

I've Got To Get This Thing Off My Chest About Shane McMahon: Stop trying to be so cool

The Tattoo I'll Eventually Get: It'll be on my stomach with an arrow saying "Down here!"

The Dumbest Thing Anyone Ever Said To Me: "We want you to be a Frenchman"

It's The Talent I Have That Few People Know About: Drawing

Favorite Violent Movie Actor: Aronld Schwarzenegger

Favorite Gambling Game: Blackjack

Who I'd Like To Sit Right Next To On Hollywood Squares: Howard Stern

It Causes Me To Have Palpitations: Riding in a car when X-Pac is driving

This Person Is So Incompetent It Makes Me Sick: Eric Bishoff

Johnny Walker or Jack Daniel's: Jack Daniel's

Favorite Playground Activity At School: Wrestling

This Is A No - Brainer For Me: Being controversial

Significant Other: Yes, HHH is dating fellow WWF superstar Chyna. (Both HHH & Chyna have said this in various internet chats. I don't know anything eles about their relationship because that is their private lifes and they don't discuss that, and I respect that. However in a chat on 5/19/99 HHH said he had a girfriend but was not married.)

Best Friends: Chyna, Shawn, X-pac, and Kevin Nash.

Do You Mind When Fans Come Up To You And Ask For Your Autograph: I don't mind when people ask for autographs; I mind when they do it at inopportune times. People need to understand that we have personal lives also. So if I'm at a store trying to buy a CD and every 30 seconds somebody's coming over to me asking for an autograph, it's difficult to go about having a normal life doing normal things. Or if you're at a restaurant with a fork in your hand and food in your mouth, I think it's the wrong time to ask somebody for an autograph. That is why the WWF provides autograph sessions and opportunities to meet superstars. Also, there are a lot of leeches that hang around our business, memorabilia people, etc., that are solely in the business of getting our autograph or personal information--whether that be pictures or the latest dirt--to sell for their own profit. And that I don't wish to have any part of. And it's pretty difficult sometimes to separate who is a fan and who is trying to make a quick buck.

How Does Your Family Respond To The Popularity Of Yourself And The WWF: They're excited about it. I'm sure that they're proud of my accomplishments. They're very much avid fans and they're very supportive, so it's exciting for them. But also I think that there's a time when the fans can get to them also--somebody trying to get to me through them--and that can become tiresome to anybody.

What Was The Hardest Wrestling Match Of Your Career: I would have to say that SummerSlam last year, wrestling the Ladder Match with The Rock, was one of my most challenging matches from a standpoint of trying to follow in the footsteps of Ladder Matches like Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon's two classics. But also, whether or not people know it or not, my knee was pretty bad off at that time. I had already at that point been avoiding surgery for about eight months and I wrestled that match with three knee braces on and it taped. And when you got a blown-out wheel, jumping off a ladder is not the best thing for it. From a physical standpoint, it was very difficult. And from a mental standpoint of trying to put that aside so that I could try to have a great match, it made it very difficult.

How Do You Manage To Keep In Shape On The Road? Slim-Fast and a box of Twinkies twice a day. Every town has a gym and if you have the desire, you can make even the worst of conditions into something beneficial. Training on the road for some is a burden. For people like myself and Chyna and a few others, the gym is like our haven or our little sanctuary, where we can do what we enjoy and what helps us. I personally love to train. So it's something that I enjoy doing which makes it a little bit easier. Chyna, on the other hand, just eats a box of Rolos. Many people don't know it, but Chyna doesn't lift many weights. She was actually stung by a bunch of bees and just has a lot of localized swelling.