Why I Like HHH

By: Ginger (ILuvShawnM@excite.com)

What's not to like? I love his jokes he tells before a match, invading WCW was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I can't think of one reason not to like HHH:)

I've been a fan of HHH for a very long time. I saw him before he was known as HHH at an indy wrestling promotion IWF. And I thought he was fantastic. I followed his career a little bit in WCW and when he came to the WWF I was thrilled. I can't say I like him just for his wrestling ability and mic skills, I also think he is a very good looking man:) And I'm sure I could get a lot of women to agree with me on that! He's got carisma, and I enjoy watching and listening to him when he has the mic.

You can bet when HHH is on a card that at the very least you will have a good time watching him because he gives his all. I've only met him once and for only a few mins but he is a very nice person who is down to earth and eveyone I've talked to (men and women) say the same. I look forward to many more years of watching HHH:)

Why I Like Chyna

By: Ginger (ILuvShawnM@excite.com)

Chyna is my favorite lady in the WWF because she combines, strength, brains, beauty and a she is nothing like any of the other women in the WWF. She is unique, and entertaining:) She is a wonderful role model for girls because I've had a few tell me they look up to her and are now trying in school because of how great she did when she was in school.

I've been a fan of Chyna's since she came to the WWF. I think she is an amazing athlete. I only wish that she would get more mic time because what we've heard of her the crowd goes crazy when she gets to talk. I've had the chance to meet Chyna once and she was very nice. I have talked to alot of people men and women who have met her and they all say the same thing she is a very sweet lady who is very down to earth. And I agree with them.

Hopefully in the years to come Chyna's character will grow as her popularity has. I look forward to seeing her character develop.

My meeting with HHH & Chyna

By: Ginger (ILuvShawnM@excite.com)

I met HHH & Chyna on 11/27/98. The autograph session was in NH which wasn't too long of a ride from where I live in MA. When we got to Wal-mart (where the autograph session was being held) I asked a lady where HHH and Chyna would be and she nicely showed me.

Then the rudeness began. I can't tell you how many wal-mart people said I can't believe all these people came for two stupid wrestlers, or are all these people are here just to see the wrestlers. Then all of a sudden after the autograph session had been going on for a while some guy got on the loud speaker and said there will be no pictures taking, or giving to you. You have to purchase the autographs, which I knew it only cost $5.00 and the money went to charity. You can buy a card to have them sign. I was very upset about not being able to take pictures but I still couldn't wait to meet them. Then the same guy got on and was even ruder and said I repeat NO Pictures will be taking. If you try to take pictures we will take your cameras away...this is copyrighted material so again NO pictures. When we got close to the door some wal-mart lady screamed at everyone in line again NO pictures.

When I was waiting outside the door I saw HHH and Chyna at the table and HHH was so cute he was waving at a little baby the mother was holding...he really is going to make a cute dad. He looked so HOT. He was wearing the same outfit he wore at the DX workout and he had sunglasses on the whole time with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. Chyna looked pretty. She was still swollen a little from the surgery and looked to be in pain. She was wearing almost the same thing that she wore at the DX workout too, except it was a plain leather jacket and she had on black leather gloves and she didn't have on sunglasses.

Once we were inside the door I bought the tickets for the autographs. Then went to buy the cards and I asked if I could purchase another one just to keep blank and the guy was very nasty and said no, you can't you can only buy one for every ticket you had. I said fine. Then I pulled out my magazine that had a picture of DX in it and put a card away:)

Before I got up to the table where HHH & Chyna were sitting I heard someone scream no touching when someone went to shake HHH's hand. I noticed HHH and Chyna hardly looked up at all they just signed very quickly. Wal-mart rushed you through so fast.

Once I got to the table I told HHH I wrote him a letter and I had some other letters for him, he looked kind of surprised that someone would take the time to write to him and he looked up at me and smiled and I handed him the letters and he said Thank you very much. Then I handing him the card (very small about the size of a hockey card.) and the poster to sign. He passed them to Chyna and I said Chyna I wrote you a letter and some other people have letters for you and she looked up and smiled and said thanks. Then I thanked them both real quick and Chyna said your welcome and smiled. Chyna seemed to be in pain even to speak the few words she did. She sure is one tough lady. Both HHH and Chyna were very nice to put time aside to sign autographs for charity when both are getting over surgery.

Before I could even pick up the items they signed for me the wal-mart employees were saying come on you have to leave this way.

Outside the door I along with my brother were waiting for my mom to get the autograph for my older brother and the wal-mart person at the door screamed come on move it we have people coming out. We weren't even near the door were people were leaving at.

I got 3 autographs in all, my younger brother got 2, and my older brother got 1. To see them all go to the picture pages.

I had fun meeting HHH and Chyna even though it only lasted for about 5 mins. HHH and Chyna were very nice polite people and I'm very glad they were the first "big name" wreslters I met. If you get the chance to go met HHH and Chyna you should go...hopefully you won't be treated rudely like all the people were at the NH wal-mart store.