If you're a Shawn Michaels fan than why not become a Shawn supporter? All you need is a web site...it doesn't have to be about Shawn or even a wrestling site all that matters is that you want to show your support for HBK!

If this sounds good to you e-mail me or leave a message in my Tripod "answering machine" with the url to your web site.

All sites that carry this picture will have a link listed here!

To carry this picture on your web site copy and paste the following on to your main page: (note: Remember to take out all the stars or this will not work.)

<*CENTER> <*A HREF="https://members.tripod.com/~DXChick/index.html"> <*IMG SRC="https://members.tripod.com/~DXChick/hbksup.gif"> <*/CENTER>

Also remember to send me a link to your site so I can add your link here!(Note: where you put the supporter picture is the page that I link to. Also I will NOT link to sites containing excessive swearing pornography, or sites that deal with hating anyone. So please keep that in mind before sending me your link. I also check the sites every so often to see if the site is still running and if the site still has the supporter picture.)

Sites That Support Shawn Michaels:

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