Please note all this info comes from various magazines, internet chats, interviews, etc.

You Know Her As: Chyna

You Might Remember Her As: Joanie Lee (she was a female wreslter)

Her Real Name Is: Joanie Laurer

Nicknames: The Ninth Wonder Of The World

Birthdate: December 27, 1970

Birthplace: Rochester, New York (I've also heard Londonderry, New Hampshire)

Siblings: 1 brother, and 1 sister

Fact: She trained with Killer Kowolski

Awards/Accomplishments: For the Week of 7/14/98 She was voted HotSpot's Female Celebrity of the Week (note: the people vote on this. She beat out fellow WWF worker Sable as well as several other actresses)

Fact: She is a former PGWA Rookie Of The Year

Some Of The Places She Has Lived: Rochester, New York, Windsor, Colorado, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica, The Florida Keys, and Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Fact: She played the cello in the high school band she also sang in high school and took part in state wide competitions.

Fact: She was good in gymnastics, track and field and sports that stressed individual performance over team work.

Fact: At the tender age of 16 Joanie moved out of her home. She moved in with her father.

Fact: At 16 Joanie joined a gym to get away from the drugs and alcohol. It bacame a way of life for her. Her muscles responded immediately.

Fact: Already at the young age of 16 Joanie was fluid in spanish. She went to Spain to take part in a 6 month study program but Joanie loved Spain and stayed. She got a job waitressing while finishing her high school education overseas.

A Few Jobs She Has Held: waitress, airline attendant, bartender, sold beepers, belly dancer and a singer.

Fact: In 1987 She went to the University of Tampa to pursue a degree in Spanish Literature.

Fact: During college she completed many interships with national oraganizations. Including: The U.S. Secret Service, American States, and US Aid.

Fact: Her goal was to become and athletic trainer for the secret service, to be a foreign diplomat, or a bilingual agent.

Fact: She spent 2 months in Germany.

Graduated From College: In 1992. (In the World Wrestling Federation Magazine Joanie said she finished college in 2 1/2 years. So you can take your pick.)

Fact: Joined the Peace Corps, went to Costa Rica, hoping that would help her get a foreign diplomat position of some sort.

Fact: Joined a band comprised mostly of "Old geezers". Joanie stole the spotlight. She would wear colorful dresses that sparkled and she would even wear a long hair piece. She'd sing songs by Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett. The band didn't make her happy and it didn't support her financially so she left.

Trained By: Walter "Killer" Kowalski. This is when she met Hunter Hearst Helmsley. (Note: Walter's school is in MA)

Fact: Joined a woman's wrestling circut

Fact: She is trained to be a professional boxer. She was trained by Mel Peabody in Lawerence, Massachussets.

Fact: She was going to have her first legitmate boxing match with another woman when the WWF called her in February of 1997. Thus, we had the birth of Chyna:)

Fact: HHH & Chyna came up with the idea of a female bodyguard while they trained at Kowalski's wrestling school. It took 18 months before Vince McMahon would give them a shot.

Favorite Band: Van Halen

Biggest Thrill In Life: Being Hunter's bodyguard

Person You Would Most Like To Meet: The writers of The Simpsons

Favorite Sport: Boxing

Favorite Athlete: Mike Tyson

Favorite TV Show: 60 Minutes

Hobbies: All sports

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Fast Food: Never

Best Advice: "Ask and you shall receive"

Favorite Actress: Glenn Close

Favorite Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite Video Game: "I hate video games"

If I Could Have Done It Differently, I Would Have...: "Kept it all the same."

Secret Talent: "I speak many languages including Spanish, French and German"

Favorite Cartoon Character: Wolverine

I Admire This Most In A Man: The ability to accept me as an equal.

You'll Always See Me With This: Chewing Gum

People Refuse To Believe This About Me: I have a really good sense of humor.

It's Something I Rarely Have: Time Alone

A Real Blessing: The fingers of a great masseuse

I'd Like To Visit This Place More Often: Mr. McMahon's mansion

One Thing I'd Hate To Lose: The close relationship I have with my sister, Kathy

I Was Surprised How Sweet This Person Was To Me: Mike Tyson

Favorite Awards Show: American Music Awards

His Eyes Hypnotize Me: Viscera's

This Person Is A Laugh A Minue: Jerry Lawler

One Of The First Things I Look At When I Meet Someone For The First Time: Their Teeth

I Wish I Could Have Met This Person Before He Died: Frank Sinatra

Favorite Story As A Kid: Winnie The Pooh

Fact: Chyna was the first and only woman to compete in the WWF's Royal Rumble.

Fact: Chyna was the first and only woman to qualify and compete in the WWF's King Of The Ring.

Fact: Chyna was the first and only woman to hold the WWF's Intercontinental Belt.

Significant Other Yes, she is dating fellow WWF superstar HHH. (both HHH & Chyna have said this in various chats. I don't know anything else about their relationship, because that's their private lifes and don't disscuss it, & I respect that.)

Best Friend: Chyna's best friend in and out of the ring is HHH, she is also very close to Debra and she thinks they will be life long friends. She also has a soft spot for X-pac.