I Finally Met Shawn Michaels

11/5/00 Is the day that I met the one and only heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels:) I'd been looking forward to this day for quite sometime so we bought our tickets in advance. Anyway I got to the place where the autograph signing was taking place and got in line. (At the time we didn't know it was the wrong line. So we then had to get out of line and go into the line of people with advance tickets...which was longer) It was pouring rain that day and it didn't let up and it was cold too...a few ice pelts mixed in with the rain. So we're all standing in the rain looking like a bunch of drowned rats (Just what I wanted to look like right girls? But there was nothing I could do. Before you say you could have brought an umbrella it wasn't raining where I live) So we all talked about wrestling, our fav Shawn moments etc. After about 2 hours standing in the rain (by this time I was soaked and freezing but I was about to met the guy that got me "into" wrestling so I didn't really care) we finally got to go in to where Shawn was (he was nice and warm while the rest of us were wet & cold! LOL!) I took a few pictures of him while waiting for my turn to get an autograph. (you can see some of my pictures below.) Finally it was my turn and Shawn looks up smiles and says "Hi honey...how are you?"(Ladies let me just say that when Shawn calls you honey it is one of the sweetest sounding things...LOL! Just ask the other girls he said it too! Okay enough of my drooling...back to the story!) I said "I'm okay how are you?" and he said "oh I'm good" & smiles again. Shawn then signs my picture hands it back to me and gave me another warm sweet smile;) Those of you that knew I was going knew that I wanted a hug & told me to give him one for you too:) LOL! But I didn't know if I'd have the courage to ask. Well I did:) I looked Shawn in the eyes and I said Shawn would it be okay if I gave you a hug...he smiles and says "Of course honey you can give me a hug, come here" ...and he put his arms around me and gave me a hug:) That's pretty much it. I said bye and he said bye. They rushed us out pretty quick. I owe a HUGE Thank You to Shawn...I don't know if he'll ever see this but thanks for being so sweet & it was nice to get the chance to met you.

My Shawn Michaels Pictures

Sorry I had to write on the pictures but people have been taking pictures and not giving credit. Please don't use them on any website without asking first. Thanks and I hope you like the pictures.