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The telephone wires sizzle each month, as two top wrestlers voice their rage and hostility towards each other. Here's the unedited transcript of their conversation, your chance to feel the raw emotion that results when two antagonists face off ... One On One


FOR YEARS, CHRIS CANDIDO and Tammy Fytch were one of the hottest duos on the independent wrestling scene. Candido was an up - and - coming wrestler and Fytch, his brilliant, determined, and devious manager, paved the way for his success.

Together, they stormed the WWF last year and set up shop. When Candido went into a slump, Fytch made the key move of teaming him with Tom Prichard. Candido then known as Skip, and Prichard, who took on the name of Zip, formed The Bodydonnas under the care of Fytch, then known as Sunny.

The forecast for their future together was bright and clear when Sunny's interference - actually, she flashed her shapely rear at Phineas Godwinn at WrestleMania XII - helped The Bodydonnas win the vacant WWF World tag team title. But happy days in paradise didn't last long. First Henry and Phineas Godwinn won the belts from The Bodydonnas. Then the Bodydonna dynasty came crashing down on Memorial Day weekend.

At In Your House VIII in Florence, South Carolina, Sunny accompanied Phineas Godwinn, who is still smitten with her, to ringside for the Godwinn's match with The Smokin' Gunns. Phineas was in his glory ... until Sunny turned tail on that team, too, when Billy Gunn passionately kissed her during the match. The Smokin' Gunns won the tag team belts and gained a new manager, Sunny.

Skip hadn't recovered from Sunny's defection to the Godwinns when he learned of her decision to manage The Smokin' Gunns. 'I just follow the money trial," said Sunny.

"But we have a contract," claimed Skip.

At press time, the matter was unresolved, and it didn't come much closer to a resolution when we brought Skip and Sunny together ... "One On One."

SUNNY: Hello, Skip. How are things going?

SKIP: What are you talking about? Don't you try to small - talk me! You've got a job to do, and it's with The Bodydonnas.

SUNNY: Honey, The Bodydonnas don't exist. I created The Bodydonnas, and now I've destroyed them. I just don't have time for losers anymore.

SKIP: Don't call us losers! We were the WWF tag team champions and we're gonna get those belts back again as soon as we get a shot.

SUNNY: The key word there is "were," Skip. I don't have time for the past. Sunny rhymes with money, and I just go where the gold is. That's not with you.

SKIP: You can't manage the Gunns. It's illegal!

SUNNY: Tell it to a judge, Skip.

SKIP: That's exactly what I plan on doing! We have a contract that says you can't manage anyone but us without us agreeing to it.

SUNNY: I don't know what contract you're looking at, Skip.

SKIP: It's right here, in black and white, that the undersigned may not contract to manage any team other than the contractor without permission. You're the undersigned, and we're the contractors.

SUNNY: There's just one problem with that contract. Check the signatures.

SKIP: What's the matter with that? Me and Zip signed it, and you signed it.

SUNNY: If that contract says what you claim it says, then you must have forgot my name or something. I would never sign a contract like that. I would never fall for that. I've got a killer body and mind to match it, honey.

SKIP: You're not gonna get away with this!

SUNNY: Watch me. It's the truth. You've been had, Skip, but that's okay. Worse men that you have been had by worse women than me.

SKIP: But what ever happened to loyalty? What happened to sticking together? How about all those great times we had on the road? You know what, Sunny, I'm more convinced that ever you're suffering from some kind of...

SUNNY: Mental problem? Save your breath, 'cause I've heard it before. Every time a woman does something a man doesn't want her to, she's accused of having mental problems. Right, stick me in a straightjacket and send me to a mental institution. They'll tell me I'm crazy for sticking with you for so long.

SKIP: I'm not worried. You'll be back. Women always come back to where the getting is good. And maybe when you do come crawling back to us and tell us how much you need us, we'll tell you to forget it. We're looking into getting ourselves a new manager just in case. There are smarter managers than you out there. Plenty of 'em.

SUNNY: I've got news for you: I know what I'm doing.

SKIP: Yeah, well what happened to the Godwinns?

SUNNY: They were winners and then they were losers - simple as that. They had me, then they lost me. I only go with winners. Did you really think someone as beautiful and perfect as me could stand to hang around with a couple of smelly farmers? Just follow the money trail, and that's where you'll find me, Skip!

SKIP: You know something? You're a really awful person!

SUNNY: Is that all you have to say?

SKIP: Yeah, and you lied to us.

SUNNY: Hey, it's a business. Don't take it so personally. You and Zip were great while you lasted, but this is a simple business deal. Why shouldn't I go to the best team? Everybody wants me. I might as well pick my spots.

SKIP: You're a user.

SUNNY: Be careful what you call me, Skip.

SKIP: I don't have any respect for people who use other people to get ahead. You needed us as much as we needed you. You'd be nothing if not for us.

SUNNY: Are you gonna tell me I'm crazy again?

SKIP: Yeah, you are out of your mind. You've gone bonkers.

SUNNY: You know, I always knew I was the brains in that operation.

SKIP: We'll be fine!

SUNNY: First you're saying you're going to hold up some contract against me, and now you're saying you don't want me back. Make up your mind, Skip, and while you're at it, put aside that foolish male pride. It looks bad on you.

SKIP: Don't tell me what looks bad on me. I'm tired of you telling me what to do.

SUNNY: That's fine, Skip. That way you'll never have to see me again. I'm with the Gunns and you're on your own. Good luck. I never meant there to be any hard feelings.

SKIP: No, you're just selfish. A selfish little ...

SUNNY: Watch your mouth. I've heard enough insults. See you at the matches.

(This is from the WWF magazine)


This past November, Sunny did what no other celebrity in the history of cyberspace has ever been able to do since the invention of the keyboard - achieve the ONE MILLION DOWNLOAD mark!

Since November of 1995, the "Sunny Delight" gallery has been a smash hit for all the World Wrestling Federation's online fans. It was estimated that cybersufers were downloading her pictures at the rate of 3000 - 5000 times a day in the World Wrestling Federation site on America Online over the past year!

The Golden Haired Fox started turning heads with her gallery in the spring of 1996 when she blew by then - cyberspace leader Cindy Margolis (Sunny easily surpassed the "cape clad - only" Teri Hatcher months earlier). Within a few months, fans couldn't get enough of her as the demand for ALL - NEW Sunny pictures came pouring in! She now has over 200 photos online! There are many mouth watering shots of Sunny at the beach, working out in her favorite bikinis and MANY MORE! Just make sure your computer screen has a de-fogger before downloading them!

"Hey Babe, what did you expect?" said Sunny after she claimed the title. "I owe a lot to my fans on America Online. The only decision now is whether to go on Conan, Leno or Letterman... decisions, decisions, decisions! And hey, who said I'm stopping here? Two million sounds twice as nice to me right now!"

(This article is from the Who's Who in Wrestling presented by Wrestling World magazine)


Tammy Sytch, known to all mat fans as Sunny, makes her living in the WWF. She first appeared as a ring manager with the now defunct Smoky Mountain Wrestling league as Tammy Fytch. She then latched on to the Body Donnas in the WWF and her main purpose was to lead her men to victory at any cost. The two needless to say, were wearing the tag team belts in no time. As no title last forever, the Body Donnas lost their reign to the Godwinns and the beautiful blonde persuaded the team to take her on as manager. She took on the challenge of managing her second tag - title holding duo in a row. Sunny then went on to do the unthinkable, as she managed to hook up with the Smoking Gunns after a controversial match where the Gunns stole the title from the Godwinns; making her the first person to manage three tag - team title holders in a row!

Sunny is one of the most recognizable and controversial figures in the WWF. The one time host of Live Wire is generally loved by men - except the Godwinns who slopped her at one time - but she is also virtually hated by most women because of her success and beauty.

The New Jersey native had this to say regarding her current stature: " Of course these people are all jealous of my looks and success, but they just can't help admiring all I have to offer."

(I typed this article from PWI's 50 most Beautiful people in wrestling)

Tammy Lynn Sytch

Wrestling's very own sunshine girl could be wearing a bright pink bikini and frolicking on the beach, or donning her finest Chanel business suit and going head -to- head with wrestling's most powerful money men. Either way, she is completely comfotable. She is, in many ways, wrestling's Supergirl, in the bathing suit, the babe of male dreams. In the buisness suit, the power - hungry upward - mover who won't let anyone stand in her way.

Even when things aren't going right for Tammy Lynn Sytch - formerly Tammy Fytch, formerly Sunny - as they were in her recent association with LOD 2000, we know a change for the better must be right around the corner. We wonder how her relationship with Chris Candido has lasted so long, then snap to our senses and realize she is capable of judging people on her own and making her own decisions. She has fought through wrestling's male - dominated power system and is winning big - time. e know she'll keep on winning.

(I typed this article from PWI's 50 most Beautiful people in wrestling)

Chris Candido

Tammy Sytch likes to joke about how she and Chris Candido got together.

"He was the only one with the guts to ask me out," the beautiful Sytch said. "Actually, he didn't aks me out. He just walked up to me and said, 'Dinner tomorrow night. How about it?' We ended up going to Arby's."

Chris Candido doesn't exavtly look like an Arby's kind of guy. Roast beef and melted chesse? There doesn't appear to be much around his waist. Not that Candido's cut like Luger or Tom Brandi, but he has the kind of body ... well, let's hand off to Tammy once again.

He doesn't spend his life in the gym," she said. "he's not one of those guys who can't help but look at himself in the mirror every time he walks by."

Not that Candido isn't bold. He's a cute blond with a boyish face and he doesn't shy away from the ol' Full Monty ... or at least the half - full monty. A few times he has taken off his tights in the ring, revealing just a G-string underneath.

Bottom Line: Candido used to be considered a loser. He's finally getting some much - deserved respect.