WrestleMania 14 in Boston Ma

I was there live as far away from the ring as you could get but I was there. And I could still see very well so I'm happy about that. Well, Shawn lost his belt to Steve Austin. But he put on a great show even though he was in pain. Maybe this will quite his critics who say he has never lost a belt before(Which by the way is a lie. He lost the belt to Sid at the SS, he lost the IC belt to Marty). He showed a lot of guts to go out there and he stole the show even though he lost. Mike tyson turned on Dx and counted a quick 1-2-3. Then Tyson punched Shawn. After the PPV went off the air Dx came out and helped Shawn and they were all hugging. I stood up clapped and screamed for HB until he was out of sight. I'm very proud of him:) He did a wonderful job. And I'm still very proud to be a Shawn Michaels fan. Way to go Shawn...you don't need a belt to prove to your fans that your the best!

The following night on RAW HHH said that Shawn dropped the ball and that the ball was in his court. I wonder what will come of this? No matter what does I will always like HHH and there will still be pictures of him because he is great too:) But I have to say: Who is the man? Who is the show stopper? Who is the main event? Who is the headliner? And Who Is the TRUE icon? The survey says: THE HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS!

July 13th Monday Night Raw

The Heartbreak Kid showed up to the delight of all his fans and did commentary for the full 2 hours of RAW! Shawn was sporting a new hair cut...and in my humble opinion it looked very good! He looked very happy to be back and said "I missed ya!" But the best news for me, and his fans is his back seems to be healing very well. If you missed this RAW you missed a lot of funny things said by the one and only TRUE ICON:) Shawn even talked about being on AOL and mentioned some sceen names.

Note: Shawn Michaels WON Loco's Hunk Of The Week by an incrediable 98% of the votes. Loco said that was the largest landslide ever:) Way to go fellow HBK fans!!!!!!!

July 21st Monday Night RAW

HBK was on again but this time it was only for the last two matches. Again he stole the show. No wrestler or anyone in the enertainment biz can make me laugh as much as Shawn can; he has GREAT mike skills. Following RAW Shawn was on the WWF's Code Red show. I didn't attend because I don't have the stuff required to hear it. So if anyone was there and wants to write up a report about it(of course you'd get credit for it) e-mail me your report @ ILuvShawnM@aol.com or leave a message in my tripod "answering machine"

Note: Again Shawn Michaels WON Loco's Hunk Of The Week. If I'm not mistaking he is the ONLY man to win two weeks in a row:) Again WTG fellow HBK fans!

August 24th Monday Night Raw

Shawn Michaels made his return to TV once again. This time he took an active role. He saved Chyna from being kissed by Mark Henry by nailing him with a chair. After that Shawn did commentary for the remainder of the program. What does this mean for Shawn???? Will he be on tv more now???? I don't know but I sure hope so, RAW is always better and more exciting when Shawn's around in my humble opinion.

Sunday Night Heat; Before SummerSlam

Shawn Michaels was a co-host for the full hour of Sunday Night Heat, which aired before WWF's SummerSlam. Shawn also conducted an interview with Sable and ended up dancing with her. Shawn was real cute while dancing, those of you who saw it know what I'm talking about, but I know you all are saying he's cute everytime he dances. Well you're right! But his facial expressions were really what was cute:) Shawn didn't take part in the PPV...so if you didn't order it and you thought you missed Shawn...you didn't!(unless you count about a min. preview for the WWF superstar line.)

11/23/98 Shawn Makes his return as the NEW WWF Commissioner

My heart is still racing from seeing Shawn and hearing the good news about him being the new wwf commissioner. Why is this good news you maybe asking your self, he is apart of team corporate. Well, ask any true Shawn Michaels fan and they will tell you its GREAT news because now at least we will see him on tv more! And we don't have to worry about his injuries getting any worse while we get the enjoyment of seeing Shawn on our tv screens. It was so great to see him smiling and in my opinion I think Shawn was very happy to be on tv and to steal a line from him he is "happy to be in the ring in one form or another." Now, what did Shawn do? He set up X-pac and the rest of DX for a down fall. (note: don't get me wrong I love DX but this is a Shawn Michaels page.) He made his first match X-pac would face The Rock for the WWF Title. During RAW Shawn was seen talking to Vince, Shane, The Rock, Earl, X-pac, Billy, and the Road Dogg.

It was time for the big match. Shawn came down to ringside and made the NAO leave, and made Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man leave ringside because he wanted the match to be one on one. Shawn stayed at ringside. At one point he even clapped for X-pac. Then the Rock grabbed a chair and took it into the ring Shawn came in after the Rock and grabbed the chair, only to hit X-pac over the head, thus allowing the Rock to maintain the gold. After the match Shawn hugged Vince, and Shane and along with the Rock they all did crotch chops.

Now a question I've been asked a lot is why did Shawn turn his back on DX? Well it's part of the story line in the WWF, and Shawn did a wonderful job pulling it off if there are so many people wondering this. And if you all think back to the night after WM (which I know was also part of the story line) it was DX who turned their backs on Shawn by kicking him out, and saying he dropped the ball. And who's to say that they story line won't change and Shawn will leave "Team Corporate"? Again it doesn't matter to me I'm happy as many of you are that Shawn is back:)

11/30 Monday Night Raw

Guess what boys and girls! Shawn Michaels was on RAW again, I'm really loving this, hope all of you are has well. Shawn makes a great Commissioner:)

First Shawn came out when X-pac called him out, Shawn told X-pac he is no longer an active wrester he is the Commissioner but since X-pac was ready to go Shawn said he would have to face Ken Shamrock and put up the European Title. Shawn then said hit MY music! And the DX music started to play:) Shawn told X-pac I was DX long before DX was cool.

Then we got to see the Hearbreak Kid again because he did commentary during the Mankind, Bossman match. Which was fitting since it was a ladder match and Shawn is the king of ladder matches:) Shawn was grading Mankinds performance at one point he gave Mankind a -2....you have to love Shawn he is so funny:) Mankind lost his hardcore title and Shawn got in the ring and kicked Mankind and beat him a few times with the nightstick.

Then we saw the Heartbreak Kid one last time before the night was over. He did commentary during the X-pac/Shamrock match. And who made his tv return????? That's right...HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY, he saved X-pac so X-pac wouldn't loss the European championship. Shawn was very upset and got in the ring a second two late. Shawn was yelling at HHH while HHH and X-pac were going the crotch chops.

12/7/98 HBK double-crossed on RAW

Raw started with HHH, Chyna, & X-pac calling out the New Age Outlaws. (Billy Gunn and the Jesse James or Jammes how ever you like it.) The NAO came out in suits and introduced Shawn Michaels. Shawn & HHH had some words with one another in the ring. And on a personal note I have to say this is a very interesting feud and it's fun to watch. Shawn & HHH work very well with one another in my opinion and even if it's just a war of words and never hits the ring I know I'm looking forward to what will happen next. Also did anyone notice that Chyna, didn't look to happy when HHH had 2 words for Shawn she looked down and the mat and walked away from HHH and went over to X- pac...not that this means anything I'm just wondering if the WWF is going somewhere with this...after all not to long ago Shawn did save Chyna. But we'll have to wait and see. Anyway back to RAW:) Shawn told HHH & X-pac that they would be facing the Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock in a anything goes match, and if the outlaws got involved in the match so be it. Then Shawn told them to hit his music and the DX song started.

Then it was time for the match to start. Shawn and the Outlaws came down to ringside after the match had started and stood at ringside and clapped and cheered for Shamrock and the Bossman. Then came the double cross, Shawn tossed a chair to Shamrock and Billy Gunn jumped into the ring and said he wanted to be the one to hit HHH. But instead of hitting HHH, Billy hit Ken Shamrock and HHH & X-pac won the match by pinfall...because it was an anything goes match. Billy and the Road Dogg tore off the suits to reveal DX shirts. And Shawn was going nuts outside the ring...he was jumping around and yelling.(He didn't to be in any pain...hopefully this is a great sign that is back is healing.) At one point his hair was out of the ponytail and the last we saw of Shawn he was screaming back at the ring.

12/13 Shawn Michaels On Heat and the PPV

Shawn Michaels was on Sunday Night Heat before the PPV started and told HHH and Chyna they were banned from ringside during the tag team title match. He also told the Outlaws they would have a "warm up" match right there on Heat.

Shawn was on the PPV a few times. The first time we saw Shawn was after the Jeff Jarrett/Goldust match. Debra hit Goldust with Jeff's guitar, and Shawn said that since Debra brought the guitar in the ring Jeff Jarrett lost and she would have to strip instead of Goldust. Then Shawn was making all kinds of comments and pulled out his money and stuff like that. Then he said "I love my job" and he was just being Shawn.

Then Shawn came to the ring with the Bossman and Shamrock. Shawn was very cute at ringside, he was jumping around and just having a good time. One of the cute things Shawn said was when he poked the Road Dogg with the nightstick and said "I'm just seeing if he is still alive." He had lots of cute little lines...as he always does. The Outlaws won and Shawn was mad and jumped in the ring and took off his jacket and tie and was screaming.

12/14 Shawn's Revenge

Raw opened with DX dressed as Team Corporate. But I have some advice for Jason Sensation stick to Owen, Bret, and Steve you do them better you actually sound like them. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks he didn't sound anything like Shawn, people have e-mailed me and said the same thing. As the WWF use to say don't except cheep imitations:) I personaly wasn't insulted or mad about what Jason said because it was a skit...but I didn't find his part funny. After all I've been a fan of Shawn's for a long time(as many of you have) and I can't even remember how many times I've heard people say the same stuff about Shawn. So I guess I was use to hearing it.

Then the real deal came out the one and only Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. He said the Outlaws would have to face Ken Shamrock and the Bossman again for the titles. HHH would also have to face the Rock for the WWF title.

In the tag match Shawn distracted Billy several times and at one point he was able to hit him in the head with the nightstick. Shamrock but on his angle lock and since Billy was out cold...we have new tag team champions, Shamrock & Bossman.

During HHH & the Rock's match Shawn was out there and was able to distract HHH a few times but nothing major. He even got in the ring at one point while HHH was covering the Rock. Chyna and Shawn had a little "fight" on the outside and we saw a new member for team corporate. He attacked HHH and the Rock keep his title. He is a very tall handsome blonde. Who from what I read will be called Test. Finally someone else I can cheer for in team corporate besides Shawn:)

12/20 Shawn On WWF Superstars

Shawn was on WWF superstars for a little while during the end of the show on Star tracks. Footage was shown of Shawn in Australia. He was shown sitting outside for a little bit then on a radio program. He was so cute:)

12/20 Shawn Michaels On Sunday Night Heat

Shawn was seen 3 times on Sunday Night Heat. Twice he was seen talking with team corporate, then he came to the Ring with the Rock for the "fatal 4 way match".

12/20 Shawn on A&E for the Hitman Hart wrestling with shadows video

Shawn was seen a few times on this A&E special. He was even seen "wrestling" with one of Bret's kids and that was very cute. There were some other clips of Shawn shown during the night...but the one of him playing with one of Bret's kids was by far the cutest.

12/21/98 Shawn Michaels on Raw in a Santa hat

Shawn was on RAW a few times and I must say he looks so adorable in the Santa hat. When I first saw him I couldn't help but go awwww. Anyway down to business. Shawn came out at the beginning of RAW and said in a game show announcer's voice that Billy would face Ken Shamrock, Road Doggy - Doggy (that's what Shawn called him) would have to face the Big Boss Man and HHH & X-pac would have to face Test and the Rock. Shawn came back out after Billy won the match against Ken Shamrock and said that he won the match but not the IC belt.Then we saw Shawn when Shane was facing Mankind. Shawn was holding the corporate team back from running down to the ring. The last time we saw Shawn was during the tag match. HHH & X-pac Vs. Test and the Rock. Shawn said DX would have to leave the ringside area while team corporate stayed. Then Vince came out and told Shawn to let DX stay. Shawn didn't play much of a role in the match but he was very funny to watch as he cheered for Test and the Rock.

12/27 Shawn on Sunday Night Heat

First I have to say that Shawn looked so cute...as always. He was wearing a suit but he had no shirt on under the jacket and just a tie around his neck:) He was backstage talking to Kane and he walked Kane to the ring for his match vs. X-pac. Shawn told DX to take it to the back while he stayed at ringside:) Kane won and Shawn, Vince, and Shane told Kane to chokeslam and tombstone X-pac.

12/28 Shawn Michaels Fired?

Shawn Michaels was fired as the WWF commissioner tonight on RAW. Shawn started to walk away from Vince after he was fired but then he turned back around a nailed Vince with some very sweet chin music:) It's nice to see that move again and Shawn didn't seem to be in any pain but I still hope he doesn't push himself. After nailing VK with some sweet chin music he took off his tie, tore open his shirt and danced a little bit then ran out into the crowd so team corporate wouldn't catch him.

1/3/99 Shawn Michaels On SNH from his home in San Antonio Texas

Shawn Michaels had a brief interview on Sunday Night Heat from his home in San Antonio Texas. He addressed Vince and the warning Vince gave to Shawn. Shawn said the he was afraid of a lot of things but Vince wasn't one of them and he guaranteed he would be on RAW Monday Night and he told Vince he just might get a kick out of it=)

1/4/99 Monday Night RAW

Shawn was on RAW tonight and had DX with him and told Vince that he had an iron clad contract and he couldn't be fired as commissioner. He could only quit and he said that won't happen. Shawn then told Vince that he has control over all WWF superstars except Steve Austin and since Vince entered the rumble Shawn has control over him as well. Shawn went on to tell Vince that he was no longer number 30 in the Royal Rumble but he was now number 2. Shawn then said hit our music and slapped five with all the members of DX except Chyna; he hugged her. And then they all left together. Backstage Shawn was seen talking with DX.

Then a little while later Shawn was leaving and he gave HHH a hug and HHH gave him keys to a car and Shawn said "I'll see you guys later." After Shawn left the building HHH said "Maybe you will, maybe you won't." Then X-pac said "What comes around goes around." Shawn was shown outside trying to put the keys into the car put they wouldn't fit. Shawn went to the door and started calling for HHH and then you heard a male voice say "Hey Shawn" and Shawn turned around slowly and then there was a commerical. When the WWF came back we saw a bloody Shawn laying face down on the car. Team corporate mainly the bossman were the ones who attacked Shawn. Shawn was loaded into an ambulance and was taking away. (my note: I guess this is the WWF's way to give Shawn time off for his back surgery. I don't know this for sure it's just an educated guess.)

1/25/99 Shawn Michaels on Raw with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Almost a year after Shawn Michaels fought Steve Austin the two were together again but this time on good terms. Steve was in Shawn's house and Shawn told Vince that Steve would be going to WM 15 to fact the champ since Vince waved his rights to the championship match. Shawn was making so many cute faces=) It was nice to see him, he seemed to be having so much fun.

2/14 Shawn Michaels on Sunday Night Heat

Shawn Michaels was on WWF's Sunday Night Heat a few mins before the PPV started. He didn't get to say much because Steve Austin came out and then SNH went off the air. He was doing cute dances though...and he said he would like to punch Vince in the face.

2/15 Shawn Michaels on RAW

Shawn Michaels opened Raw and had Steve and Mankind come out to the ring. Then Vince came out before anything could happen and told Shawn to make a rematch between Mankind and Rock...and the match would be a ladder match. Shawn was so cute...he called the Rock a jabroni at one point which I thought was funny. Again Shawn wasn't on that much so there isn't much to report.

3/28 Shawn Michaels was at WM 15

Shawn wasn't at the WM rage party but he was at WM 15. As always Shawn looked good and was funny. Tons of fans there were chating HBK HBK...something I haven't heard in a while. Shawn told Vince that he wasn't going to be the ref for the Steve Austin/Rock match. Shawn told Vince there is only one man who can name a special ref and it wasn't Vince...it was SHAWN!!!! LOL!!! I think this must have been hard on Shawn going from the main event last year...and having lots of tv time prior to last years WM and this year he was only on for about 5 mins. But it was great to see him=)

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