This is where I will display your own personal drawings of HBK. So if you have ever drawn any pictures of HBK send them my way and I will place them on this page. I hope you enjoy what you see here=)

The following pictures of Shawn were drawn by Terrie. She asked me to let everyone know that the following pictures are under her own copyright, and they MAY NOT be used on any other sites without her permission.

If anyone is intrested in Terrie's drawings you can e-mail her at I have nothing to do with her drawings (except she was nice enough to allow me to display them here.) so please DON'T contact me about her artwork, go directly to the source. Thanks=)

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. I think she is very talented.

Also I owe a thank you to Terrie for letting me use her artwork=) Keep up the GREAT work.

jbart.jpg/pic2.jpg/pic3.jpg/Shawn2.jpg This one is in color:) It's a GREAT drawing...thanks Terrie!/tbhbauto.jpg One of Terrie's drawings signed by the heartbreaker himself:) Thanks for sending this my way Terrie=)

Here is a drawing of Shawn from another talented artist. I was asked that if anyone wants to use this picture please contact the artist first. Here is the e-mail address:

Thanks for sending this to me:) I hope you all enjoy it=)