"TAMMY'S TEAM RULES! CANDIDO'S CREW IS COOL! And everybody who isn't in one of those clubs should join!" - Tammy Sytch

As you all saw on the main page I'm a proud member of Tammy's Team (and Candido's Crew) and you may have said to yourself "What is Tammy's Team?" Tammy's Team is ONLY fan club that is endorsed by Tammy "Sunny" Sytch. Tammy's Team is run by Bambi, a good friend of mine, and she really does a GREAT job:-)

So now you're saying "How do I join Tammy's Team and what does it cost?" Tammy's Team is FREE! To join Tammy's Team e-mail Bambi and give a few reasons why you're a fan. Bambi will get back to you and let you know if you're a member or not.

If you're a fan be sure to join the only official fan club for the woman we all use to know as Sunny. Keep up the GREAT job Bambi:-)

Send e-mail to Bambi by clicking here: itsasytch@aol.com

And visit the OFFICIAL Website of Tammy's Team: Tammy's Team Enterance Page

Also please visit the Candido's Crew website and consider joining:) Candido's Crew is a fan club for Chris Candido and if you're a Chris fan you'll enjoy it.

Candido's Crew