Tammy TV News Section

10/18 Tammy and Chris on ECW tv.

Tammy and Chris opened the show, and Joey Styles made the comment "Sunny days are here in ECW." Chris faced Jerry Lynn but before the match Mikey Whipwreck came out while Chris was on the microphone and talked to Jerry Lynn. When Chris got the microphone back he said this match has nothing to do with the triple threat or Tammy and he wanted a fair match so he told Tammy to leave. This made Tammy up set and she told him no she didn't want to leave. Chris still insisted she left so Tammy unbuttoned her outfit and said "Honey, look how good I look tonight." (now before anyone says anything bad about Tammy she was wearing short shorts and a bra top.) Finally Chris dropped to his knees and asked her to please leave. The crowd chanted stay but Tammy left pouting. The match go under way and it was back and forth until Lance Storm and Tammy Lynn Bytch (Dawn Marie) came to ringside. Lance bull-dogged the ref and punched Chris several times then gave him 2 piledrivers. Then he held Chris up so Tammy Lynn Bytch could Slap him 4 or 5 times(I think the number of times she hit Chris could be wrong). This made Tammy Lynn Sytch come back to ringside. Tammy Sytch jumped on Lance's back but he took her over and put her on the mat. Tammy Sytch delivered a low blow to Lance and went for the stunner (whiper snapper whatever you like better) but Lance picked Tammy Sytch up and turned her to face Tammy Lynn Bytch. Tammy Lynn Bytch hit Tammy with a purse loaded with something when Tammy Sytch turned to face Lance Storm. Tammy Lynn Bytch then took the purse strap and choked Tammy Lynn Sytch. Mikey Whipwreck came out and caused Tammy Lynn Bytch to run to the corner of the ring as Lance and Mikey fought. Mikey closelined Lance out of the ring and when he turned around Tammy Lynn Bytch throw powder in his eyes. Mikey delivered the whiper snapper to Tammy Lynn Bytch. Tammy Lynn Sytch went over to help Mikey up and he gave her the whiper snapper too. Lance Storm went to hit Chris with a chair but Jerry Lynn bumped into him so Lance hit him with the chair instead. Chris left Tammy and ran to cover Jerry for the 1-2-3, then went back to Tammy Sytch.

11/2 ECW's November To Remember

Tammy Lynn Sytch was one of the special guest refereees in a match that put Lance Storm w/Tammy Lynn Bytch(Dawn Marie) VS. Jerry Lynn. Of course Tammy Sytch was on the side of Jerry Lynn so everytime Lance Storm went for a cover Tammy made a very slow count, and when Jerry Lynn went for the pin she would make a fast count:) At one point Tammy Lynn Bytch got in the ring and Tammy stripped her of her clothes again. This match got confusing but I remember that Tammy Lynn Sytch stunnered Tammy Lynn Bytch, and Lance Storm. Then Tammy Lynn Sytch got a whipersnapper(a stunner) by Mikey Whipwreck. And Lance Storm won the match.

12/5 ECW TV

Tammy returned to ECW tv this week. She was on a beach in FL wearing a blue bathing suit and was walking out of the water onto the sand and she said "They say Florida is the hottest vacation spot on the planet, but this is extreme." Then ECW showed another clip of Tammy on the beach posing but she didn't say anything. Next clip they showed of Tammy was on the same beach and she was laying in the sand and said "Hi, I'm Tammy Lynn Sytch and with this body, I'm guilty as charged." The last time we saw Tammy she was still on the beach lying in the said when asked to comment on the Taz breaking Sabu's neck and Tammy said "Comment? My body is my comment."

12/12/98 ECW TV

Tammy was on ECW tv again this week for about 5 seconds. She was on the same beach and same swim suit as last week. She said "Hi, I'm Tammy Lynn Sytch, and with a body like this I'm guilty as charged." She basically said the same thing last week but she was in a different pose this week.

12/20 Tammy on A&E for the Hitman Hart wrestling with shadows video

Tammy was on the special run on A&E and Bret said she is a friend of his. She even told a cute story of when she was about 12 she was ringside at a wrestling match and Bret was there and when she put her hand out Bret slapped it and she was like "Bret touched me." I found that to be very cute...it's something most people can relate to. Because that's how most people react or would react at that age. She was also seen talking to Bret's wife and Tammy seemed very sad about Bret's leaving. The last Tammy was on she was seen playing around with one of Bret's kids.

1/10 Guilty As Charged

I didn't watch the PPV but a friend of mine told me Tammy and Chris were there. Tammy and Chris came down to ringside during Shane Vs. Taz match. Tammy got into a fight with Francine and Chris hit Shane causing Shane to loss the title to Taz. So I guess there is no more triple threat.

1/22 Tammy On ECW TV

I missed the interview Tammy and Chris had because my cable was out so I can't comment on that. But my cable did come back in time for me to see Tammy jump up on the ring apron, and enter the ring and she slapped Shane. Then Francine wanted to start with Tammy but Shane pulled her away. Tammy and Chris then went to the back.

2/6 ECW TV

The Tammy Sytch/Chris Candido Vs. Francine/Shane feud continued this week. Shane sent Francine to the back to find Joey Styles and then from the back over the PA Chris Candido had a few words about Francine and then Chris and Tammy come out from the back holding Francine. Shane ran from the ring down the aisle where Chris, Tammy and Francine were and Tammy jumped on Shane's back. Officials were pulling Tammy off Shane, while Chris and Shane fought.

ECW TV Tammy And Chris Return (Credit Goes To: Strictly ECW)

The cameras cut back to the ring where Steve Corino was standing face to face with Taz. Corino said that he had hurt himself while weight lifting earlier in the day, so he would not be able to wrestle Taz tonight. Corino said that even though he couldn't wrestle tonight, he had somebody to be his replacement. Out walked Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch, who are now apparently back from their ECW sabbatical. Candido grabbed the microphone and said that he's never tap out to Taz. Candido said that if Taz was really the fighting champion he claimed to be, he'd defend the belt against him right now in a falls count anywhere match. Taz agreed and the match got underway. The two men brawled all over the arena and took a series of very nasty bumps. After about 10 minutes, action finally returned to the ring. The two men fought back and forth and traded near falls, until Candido got the decisive advantage after clobbering Taz with a chain. Candido set a table up in the corner of the ring and tried to ram Taz into it, but Taz countered and hooked on the Tazmission. Instead of going for the choke out, Taz released Candido with a Tazmissionplex, which sent Candido crashing through the table in the corner of the ring. Referee John "Pee Wee" Moore quickly stopped the match and medics rushed out from the back to cart Chris Candido out of the arena. The medics put a neck brace on Candido and began to cart him out of the arena, when Taz jumped out of the ring and attacked the helpless Candido. Taz brought Candido back in the ring, hooked him in the Tazmission, and exclaimed his tag line "Beat Me If You Can, Survive If I Let You!" to end the show.

5/1 ECW TV (Credit Goes To: Doug Graham and Lordsofpain.net)

After the ECW opening, Joey Styles was in the ring and welcomed the crowd, who responded with a chant of "ECW." A clip of Taz attacking Candido a few weeks ago and injuring his neck was run. Candido was at ringside wearing the halo, with Tammy Lynn Sytch alongside. He said it was the second time his neck had been broken. He complained about the lack of respect New Yorkers showed as the crowd got on his case. Taz came into the ring and cut Candido short with words about this being New York and New Yorkers don't show respect. The crowd chanted "You go." Candido said something about both of them being in the business 10 years and to "look what you did" referring to his injured neck. Taz told him that he did it to himself trying to take the belt. He told Candido he couldn't give a ratsass if his injury was a work or a shoot or if he was crippled. He followed with a few niceties for "that whore at ringside with you." Taz then went into his "Beat me if you can, survive if I let you" bit. Candido tried to respond but Taz cut him off and told Sytch that if she kept staring at him, he would choke her out. Candido defended Sytch and said they would be co-managing until such time as he was fit to compete and had someone there tonight to face him. Taz told him to bring out anyone he wanted to. With that Steve Corino came out and got into the ring. Taz gave the microphone to Corino and told him to speak his piece. Corino went into a spiel about how he could take Taz out without even breaking a sweat. The crowd needed the doctors help at this point. Not being the brightest bulb in the pack, Corino told Taz and the crowd that they were full of sh*t. The crowd broke into a chant of "Taz is gonna kill you." Corino kept up his barrage of insults. At this point, Taz had all he could take and told Corino he was in fact going to kill him. Either being the bravest man in history, or the most stupid, Corino told Taz he had a deal for him. He could lay the belt at his feet and save him the embarrassment of getting his ass kicked. He gave Taz five seconds to comply and began counting down. Candido charged in and attacked Taz from behind. Candido and Corino stomped Taz as he lay on the mat. We went to a commercial as they continued pounding Taz.

ECW Hardcore Heaven '99 (credit: ECW)

As Joey was welcoming the crowd, Chris Candido's music came on, and Candido, along with Tammy Lynn Sytch headed to the ring. Candido said he had an insurance policy for the night, and brought out the Dudleys. As Candido proclaimed that he would be champion of the world tonight, Taz' music hit and the ECW Champion came out to a huge ovation. They rang the bell, and we're opening the show with the World title match! Taz came out strong, hitting a couple of Tazplexes, but Candido managed to stop the momentum and powerbomb the champ. Candido then missed a top rope headbutt, allowing Taz to hit a head and arm Tazplex, followed by the Tazmission for the quick win. The Dudleys stormed the ring and attacked Taz, who had to be helped out.

5/5 Tammy & Chris on ECW TV (credit: LordsofPain.net)

"....Corino then brings out his "best friend" Chris Candido! Here comes Candido and Sytch...Candido on the mic saying that Taz beat him at Hardcore Heaven because he didn't stretch and all that. Candido says he carried Smokey Mountain Wrestling and that he was on Wrestlemania! Candido asks Taz to put the strap on the line. Taz asks Candido why he's Hot. Taz asks the fans if they want to see Candido Tap again. They respond with a resounding yes and Taz goes to work. Outside now and Candido sent into the crowd. But back into the ring are and then the ring. Candido starts to stomp on Taz and then Candido with a nice VErtical Suplex on Taz.Candido goes up top. Mistake. Taz catches him. Belly to Belly Tazplex but Candido comes back with a series of chops. Taz with a huge ass clothesline now and Taz sets Candido up top. Front Head and Arm Tazplex from the top! Now the T-Bone Tazplex setting up the Kata-Ha-Jame aka The Tazmission aka Chris tapped out."