If you're a Tamara Sytch fan than why not become a Tammy supporter? All you need is a web site...it doesn't have to be about Tammy or even a wrestling site all that matters is that you want to show your support for Tammy Sytch!

If this sounds good to you e-mail me or leave a message in my Tripod "answering machine" with the url to your web site.

All sites that carry this picture will have a link listed here!

To carry this picture on your web site copy and paste the following on to your main page (I link to the page that has the supporter picture, so if it's not on your main page let me know the url for the page it is on. Thanks.) (note: Remember to take out all the stars or this will not work.)

<*CENTER> <*A HREF="http://members.tripod.com/~DXChick/Tammy.html"> <*IMG SRC="http://members.tripod.com/~DXChick/tam.gif"><*/A> <*/CENTER>

Also remember to send me a link to your site so I can add your link here! (Note: I will link to the page that contains the supporter picture. Also I will NOT link to sites containing excessive swearing pornography, or sites that deal with hating anyone. So please keep that in mind before sending me your link.)

Sites That Are Tammy Sytch Supporters:

Unofficial Shawn Michaels Page:
Sunny Kingdom:
Shannon and Kelle's Banner Page:
The Debra's Disciple's Homepage:
WWF Attitude:
Christians Crusaders - Links Banners,Supports:
Copelands Crew - Links Banners,Supports:
Gangrel's Gothic Groupies - Links Banners,Supports:
ECW Uncensored:
The Real Men of Wrestling:
Mike's Emporium:
Kurtney - - - Wrestling Links: