Shawn Michaels Bio Part 2

The Slammies

Shawn won 5 Slammy Awards on the USA network. The First award Shawn won was for Best Slammin' Jammin' Entrance. The Second Award was for Best Threads. The Third Award was for Master of Mat Mechanics. The Forth Award was for USWEST Match Of The Year. The Fifth Award was for Leader Of The New Generation. Shawn won more Slammies then anyone else that night and every award he got he earned.

WrestleMania 12

Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart in a 60 min. iron man match up. Shawn showed everyone why he won best slammin' jammin' entrance. He came sliding down from the ceiling and landing in a pool of Kliq members. Shawn really showed Bret Hart that he was capable of being more then a "tennis ball". Shawn went hold for hold against Bret Hart. In the closing minutes of the 60 min. iron man match Bret got Shawn in the sharpshooter. The clock tick down and the Ref singled for the bell Bret Hart started to leave the arena with the WWF Championship belt when the ring announcer said the match must continue. Bret was ticked. So the match continued until Shawn super kicked Bret not just once but twice. The first one didn't have too much behind it but the second superkick allowed Shawn to get the 1-2-3. When the ref handed Shawn the belt he was on his knees and started to cry tears of joy. And I have to say I joined in. I was so happy for Shawn he finally fulfilled his life long goal and became the WWF Champion. Bret didn't even have the guts to shake Shawn's hand he just left the ring ticked off while Shawn and Jose celebrated their victory.

Shawn vs. Diesel at In Your House

Shawn was going into this no holds barred match the underdog. Shawn was smaller and many believed that he couldn't fight like Diesel. Well surprise surprise surprise Shawn proved to Diesel and everyone else that he can fight better then Big Daddy Cool. Shawn didn't have a high flying entrance this time. He had a look of anger on his face. Shawn took of his jacket and Belt then ran into the ring and kept punching Diesel. Diesel did get the upper hand eventually. Diesel took the refs belt after choking the ref with the tape from around his wrist then he whipped Shawn a few times then he put the belt around Shawn's neck and tied him to the rope. Then Diesel got a chair and hit Shawn with it. Diesel said before the match he had something for Vince we found out what it was. Diesel Jackknifed Shawn on the broadcasting table and Vince was telling Shawn to stay down and let it be over. But no not our boy he didn't want to disappoint the "kliq" Shawn got up and got a fire extinguisher and used it on Big Daddy Cool. Then the band tunedup as Shawn delivered some sweet chin music. Diesel was down for the count 1-2-3 Shawn proved he can hold his own. At In Your House Shawn found himself in yet another feud. This time it would be with the British Bulldog. The following night on RAW Jim, the Bulldog and his wife Diana would have a face to face interview with the Heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels. Shawn started off talking about the match against Diesel. Then Jim jumped in and started calling Shawn a pervert and a lot of other names. Jim accused Shawn of trying to get Diana to sleep with him.Then Diana talked and Said "Shawn I know you want me." Shawn replied with " Mrs. Smith with all due respect please do not flatter yourself." Diana then slapped Shawn across the face. Shawn then said " I guess we know who wears the pants in the Smith family." The bulldog then attacked Shawn, but Shawn held his own just fine.

WWF In Your House MAY 26

The lights came back just in time for us to see the WWF championship be defended by Shawn against the Bulldog. Beware of dog was the theme but before Shawn made his way to the ring he said that The Bulldog should "Beware of the kliq". Then as Shawn went the ring Perfect was there and they bumped in to each other. Jim said that he had some surprises for the Heartbreak Kid one of which was Owen Hart being Davey's manager for that night only. We saw the second surprise when Shawn got in the ring. Shawn was served with a suvpoena for "attempted alienation of affection." Shawn ripped it up and tossed it outside the ring. The match then got underway. It was back and forth when the Bulldog knocked out the ref and Owen got into the ring and tried to jump Shawn he saw it coming and superkicked Owen. Gorilla sent out another ref and Shawn suplexed Davey and both refs counted. One said Davey won the other said Shawn won. Meanwhile Diana took the belt and the Gorilla came down to the ring and said both refs were right and gave the belt to Shawn because a championship can not change hands on a draw. Both wrestlers had been pinned and a rematch will take place at King Of The Ring. Shawn feels he his a thief because he thinks he has robbed the "Kliq" of their believe in him. But I personally think he is being to hard on himself and I will always belive in him win, lose, or draw.

Shawn vs. Davey Boy Smith at King Of The Ring

Camp Cornette dropped the law suit they had against Shawn but they had another surprise for the Heartbreak Kid. Jim Cornette would get to pick a special guest ref and Gorilla agreed to allow Jim to do so because he didn't want the law suit against the WWF or himself. We found out who the special guest Ref would be on Monday Night Raw. It was none other then Mr. Perfect. When it was announced Mr. Perfect was buddy buddy with Jim and many people were worried that he wouldn't call the match down the middle. Before the match Shawn spoke with Mr. Perfect and told him he has the chance to be the perfect ref if he calls it down the middle and raises the hand of the better man. The music started and the Kliq went crazy like they normally do when ever Shawn is around. Then before the match could get under way Gorilla came down to ring side and said Mr. Perfect is the special guest ref BUT he will be outside the ring and another ref would be in the ring. Then the Bulldog and Shawn went at it. The match went back and fourth but Shawn turned out to be the better man that night. Once Again Shawn and the Kliq were victorious.

Shawn, Ahmed, and Sid vs. Camp Cornette

This match was going to be Shawn Ahmed and the Warrior but since the warrior was suspended Shawn and Ahmed had to choose another partner and it was Sid. This was the first time in a long time we were going to see Sid. Many thought Sid could not be trusted and that Shawn and Ahmed had made a dumb choice. But as the night went on everyone who said Sid couldn't be trusted ate their words. Shawn's team was in control until Sid and Ahmed went outside the ring to fight Owne and the Bulldog. Shawn was cueing up the super kick (or sweet chin music) when Jimmy grabbed Shawn's leg allowing Vader to ram in to Shawn. Shawn feel down and that allowed Vader to powerbomb Shawn. Shawn was pinned but thanks to Jim Cornette.

Shawn vs. Vader

Many were saying that Shawn would lose his belt at Summerslam because Shawn was to small and Vader was to big for him to beat. Shawn was the underdog but then again when isn't Shawn considered the underdog? Although Vader out weighed Shawn by 200 pounds Shawn had one thing that Vader didn't...the "kliq". Shawn said this is the time he needed the "kliq" the most and they were there for him. Vader won by a countout...but wait Jim wants Shawn back in the ring calling him a chicken ect...So Shawn got back in the ring. Then Jim tossed the tennis racquet in the ring to Vader while the Refs back was turned But Shawn got it first. Shawn started wacking Vader with it then he started smacking Jim with it and Shawn got disqullified. Once again Vader won but no Jim wasn't happy with that so once more Shawn got back in the ring to fight. Shawn delivered sweet chin music but Vader kicked out then Shawn went to the top with a moonsault and got the 1-2-3. Shawn now would face Mankind at IYH Mind Games.

Shawn vs. Mankind

(Mindgames was the title of this months In Your House.) Shawn was going in as the underdog once again. Mankind had tried to make Shawn nervous earlier in the day on WWF Superstars by running a casket into him but during the match it didn't seem to bother him at all. Mankind came out to the ring in the same casket he had run into Shawn that day. Shawn got a good sized ovation from the crowed and Shawn and mankind went at it. At one point in the match Mankind did get Shawn in the casket but Shawn fought his way out. The two things that stand out the most is Shawn Superkicking Mankind off the top rope and on to the arena floor and when Mankind and Shawn were both on the ropes and they ending up both falling on to the Spanish announce table and broke it. Shawn won the match because after Shawn worked on Mankind's hand for a while he tried to pin him but before the ref to count to 3 Vader came out and attacked Shawn then Sid came out and took care of Vader so Mankind told Paul to open the casket so he could put Shawn in there. Paul had trouble opening the casket and when he finally got it open who popped up? The Undertaker! Paul went running and Undertaker beat up mankind until he left and the Undertaker followed him. Shawn won by DQ.

IYH: Buried Alive

Shawn wasn't on the card to wrestle at this PPV event. But something did take place that involved him. He had to met the winner of the Sid vs. Vader match at the Survior Series in Madison Square Garden. Shawn did comentary during the match. The winner of the match was Sid. Shawn went into the ring and congradulated Sid on his victory. The two would meet at the 1996 Survivor Series.

Shawn vs. Sid 1996 Survivor Series

The 1996 Survivor Series took place in New York City. When Sid came down the isle people went crazy. Shawn got a pretty good welcome also but not as loud as he or many members of the "Kliq" expected. During the match Sid was cheered more loudly then Shawn was and at points Shawn was booed. Sid became the "champion" that night by hitting Jose in the chest with a tv camera. Shawn was very concerned about Jose and cared more about him then retaining the WWF championship belt. Sid also hit Shawn across the back with the camera while he was trying to help out a man who he thought of like a father. Sid then took Shawn into the ring after he had been hit with the camera and gave Shawn the power bomb.

Bret vs. Sid at IYH It's Time

Shawn wasn't on the card to wrestle but since he would meet the winner at the 1997 Royal Rumble Shawn came to ringside to do comentary. BUT during a WWF tv show Superstars Shawn made it very clear he was fed up with Bret Hart and he had had it with Bret making Fun of him so he didn't care who he faced even though earlier he made the statement he wanted Sid for what he did to Jose. Bret told Dok to tell Shawn if he interfears Shawn will have H*!! to pay. Shawn came out during a interview Dok was having with Bret Hart and told him not to send any messagers if he had something to say he can say to his face. Bret didn't have to much to say back to Shawn. Then when Sid had a interview Shawn jumped Sid and Bret came out and Sid and Bret both started to beat on Shawn. When Bret turned his back Sid hit him from behind. During the Sid Bret match Shawn stayed sitted until Bret came to were Shawn was sitting to take his chair Shawn said if you want it take it. Sid came down and put his hands on Shawn's face and shoved him. That made Shawn upset so he steped up on the apron and Bret ran into him and knocked Hb off and he hit his head on a chair. Bret focased on Shawn instead of the match and Sid power bombed him. Shawn would face Sid at the 1997 Royal Rumble. The following night on RAW Bret blamed Shawn for his loss.

Shawn vs. Sid at the 1997 Royal Rumble

San Antonio Shawn's hometown is where the 1997 Royal Rumble took place. When Shawn walked down to ring side the people of San Antonio went crazy. This would be the last time Jose would be in Shawn's corner. Shawn was looking to seek revenge on Sid for what Sid did to Jose at the Survivor Series. Shawn took the tv camera and hit Sid with it. Shawn nailed sweet chin music and won the WWF championship belt for the 2cd time in his hometown of San Antiono.

Shawn Feb 13th Raw

In Lowell Mass, Shawn tearfully gave up the WWF belt due to a knee injury. Shawn did not return to wrestle for a long time. He did interviews and would run out and beat the Hart Foundation with chairs.

1997 Slammies

Shawn won 2 awards that night. He won Best finishing move and Match of the Year. He teased Bret saying I won that match and I beat you with that move. At Wrestlemania 13 Shawn did comentary during the Sid Undertaker match.

Shawn first match back: won tag titles with Austin

Shawn Michaels first match back was a tag match with Steve Austion vs. Owen Hart and the Bulldog. Shawn and Steve were reluctant to tag with each other to say the least. But none the less they defeated the tag team champs when Shawn Michaels gave sweet chin music to the bulldog allowing Steve Austin to pin him. After the Match the rest of the hart Foundation with the exception of Bret came down and attacked Shawn. Steve decided to go jump Bret instea of help his tag partner. Shawn later yelled at Steve to get his act together and help him out.

Shawn vs. Steve Austin and the 1997 King of the Ring

It was suppose to be Shawn vs. Bret but Bret's knee was still injured so Pillman backed out of his match with Austin so Shawn and Austin could settle their differences. Shawn and Steve beat the heck out of each other and they both hit their, finishing manveurs but the Ref was knocked out. When he came too Austin gave him the ref the Stone Cold Stunner and the another ref came out and Shawn nailed him with chin music. The result was a double dq. Shawn and Steve beat each other some more then left the ring side by side because neither wanted to turn their back on each other.

Shawn Special guest ref at SummerSlam!

Shawn was the special guest ref in the main event. The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart. In is interview during the free for all Shawn stated "I stand for truth, justice, and the HBK way!" And IMO I think Shawn was a fair ref. He called everything right down the middle. Bret Hart spit in Shawn's face and Shawn grabed a chair and went to hit Bret over the head BUT Bret ducked and Shawn hit the Undertaker instead. Shawn was forced to count 1-2-3. Bret Hart was the NEW champion. Shawn did hesitate for a second but then he remembered his career was on the line.

Shawn on Raw

Shawn had a interview the next night on RAW and was not given the respect he deserved by the fans or anyone else in the building. Shawn lost his temper and told the fans to go to H*!!. He also found out he would be facing the Undertaker at the next pay per view.

Shawn vs. Mankind on RAW

Shawn once again was not given his proper respect. The fans were chanted things and Shawn again had a few words for the fans. Shawn came out to the ring to face mankind and kick his butt. Shawn won his first match back since June at the king of the Ring. He mentioned his insurance policy who is Rick Rude? or Hunter and Chyna? Both made a appearance on Raw during Shawn's match.

Shawn and Hunter?

Shawn was to team up with Hunter Hearst Helmsley to face the Undertaker and Mankind. Shawn came out and slapped five with the fans and then started to dance with Chyna(she stood there but you could see her smile a bit)Shawn and Hunter worked wonderful as a team. They made great tags. At the end of the match Shawn hit the Undertaker over the head with a chair twice. Cutting the Undertakers head open. Hunter, Shawn and Chyna all left the ring together when the Undertaker sat up. Is this going to be a new tag team. I can dream can't I? How knows dreams do come true right?

Shawn vs. The Undertaker

Shawn faced the Undertaker at IYH. In interviews the Undertaker said that Shawn had signed his own death warrent. Shawn said if he was going down he was taking everyone with him because he was going down in a "blaze of glory". I feel the refs really got the punishment Shawn and the Undertaker just didn't care so when a ref got in the way down he went. There was no winner although, the Undertakers music was played. This match didn't settle anything between Shawn and the Undertaker. So at Bad Blood Shawn and the Undertaker will meet in a cage with a top so no one can get in or out.

Shawn: NEW European Champion

Shawn beat the Bulldog at One Night Only to become the New European Champion AND the ONLY man in WWF history to hold all the belts. I didn't see the match because it wasn't broadcast here in the United States.

Shawn vs. The Undertaker

Bad Blood...That sure was true. Shawn and the Undertaker met in a cage with a top. Hunter, Chyna,and Rick Rude went to the Ring with Shawn. When the Cage lowered they had to leave ringside. The Undertaker ran Shawn face first into the cage several times. Causing Shawn's head to be cut open. His blood was everywhere. Shawn got a lot of punishment that night he fell on to a table but he was the winner. Kane made his first appearance. He was in red and he pulled the cage door of the hinges and tombstoned the Undertaker. Shawn slowly crawled to the Undertaker and got the 1-2-3. Hunter and Chyna came to the ring and helped Shawn back to the locker room. At the Survivor Series Shawn will face Bret Hart for the WWF title.

Shawn Vs. Bret at 1997 Survivor Series

Shawn had D-Generation X ( Hunter, Chyna, and Rick Rude) stay in the back and came to ringside alone. On his way to the ring a fan tossed a soda or something in Shawn's face he just shook it off. The match didn't begin for a while because Shawn and Bret were fighting outside the ring. That made it even more obvious this was going to be a fight and not a wrestling match. The two men battled back and forth. When Shawn got the upper hand he put Bret in his own move the sharpshooter. Bret gave up?? and Shawn became the NEW and 3rd time WWF Champion. This match was very controversial but Shawn is the new champ.

Shawn vs. Shamrock

Degeneration X was the subtitle for this IYH. Hunter and Chyna came to the ring with the Heartbreak Kid. This match went back and forth and then Shamrock got Shawn in the ankle lock submission hold but HHH and Chyna were there to make sure Shawn would not give up. Hunter jumped in the ring and hit Shamrock. Shamrock won by DQ but the important thing was Shawn keep his title. Then while Dx was celabrating their victory in retaining the WWF belt out of no where...from behing Owen Hart attacked Shawn and knocked him of the ring apron. Shawn crashed down on a table and then Owen beat Shawn some more. Then when Hunter saw what was going on... he ran to help Shawn but Owen ran away from HHH and into the crowd.

Strip Poker???

D-generation X played strip poker the following night on Raw (Thanks to Chyna's suggustion!). They were going to play until Owen showed up. Shawn didn't play to well...he lost everything but his boxers...well maybe he did paly all depends on how you look at it. ( FYI: HHH lost only his shirt and Chyna was the winner losing nothing.) Again Owen came from no where and attacked Shawn(from behind) and then ran when fellow DX members tried to help Shawn out.

Shawn vs. HHH Lowell, MA

First lets talk about the Christmas present Shawn and HHH gave to the fans of the WWF.(esp. the Women fans!) They both came out in white robes then when they took them off they had on X-mas boxers...very cute. Then they ripped off the Boxers to revel thongs. Then Slaugter came out and said Shawn would have to defend his European title against HHH. DX had many people fooled...they thought this would be the end of DX. HHH ran into Shawn and Shawn fell to the mat just lying there. Then HHH was running from rope to rope then did a body splash (this reminded me of the match HHH had at WM12 against the Warrior.) Then HHH got the 1-2-3. A NEW Champion. This was so funny if you didn't see this you really missed on of the best things DX did. It was classic.

Shawn vs. The Undertaker 1998 Royal Rumble Casket Match

Shawn had DX come to the ring with him. The Undertaker's history in casket matches was very good so he was the odds on fav. At one point both Shawn and the Undertaker were in the casket at the same time but they both managed to get out. The New Age Out Laws (BA Billy Gunn and the Road dog) and the Los Boricuas came down and beat up the Undertaker when Shawn was in the casket and the Undertaker was about to close the lid and become the new wwf champ. The lights went out and Kane's music started. Kane came down and helped clear the ring.(mean while HHH and Chyna got Shawn out of the casket.) Then Kane turned on the Undertaker and slammed him into the casket. Shawn slammed the lid closed and retained his gold.

WWF IYH No Way Out Of Texas

Shawn Michaels was not at this event due to the injury to his back that he substained during the 1998 Royal Rumble.

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